Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Difference in Carrying Twins vs Singleton

Well, I can honestly say that carrying two babies is much different than carring one. I didn't think I would feel or see a difference until maybe the halfway point or even further along. Well, I was wrong.

Things that are different with 2 than 1:

*Bladder - I have to go the bathroom at least 2 times an hour during waketime and I get up at least 3 times during the night. It doesn't matter how often I go, I always feel like I have to.

*Uterus stretching - I can feel my uterus stretching everyday. Sometimes it is a pulling ouchy sensation and other times I can just tell as my tummy seems bigger at the end of every day. I don't remember feeling that at all with Luke until a few months and even then it wasn't that much.

*Thirst - I could drink water all day long and find myself doing just that (which might have something to do with the bladder issues). I can tell the babies need more hydration than a singleton.

*Hunger - I am starving and must eat something every couple of hours. I don't eat massive quantities of food in any one setting, but I do find that I am needing to eat a lot more. The good thing is I am actually craving healthy stuff (fruits, pretzels, etc). I am going to try to eat a lot of good stuff and stay hydrated.

*Hormones altogether - I have lots of hormones. I can cry easier and much more. Things affect me more than they did with Luke. It's amazing how I can feel so much all the time. I thought I was an emotional person before this pregnancy.

*The need for rest - I can't do things for more than 30 minutes before I have to sit and prop my feet up for a while. I find myself needing a good 8 hours at night and a nap most days.

It is amazing how much happens and how fast with multiples. Even as little as they are right now, they have completely taken over my body and my life. I guess it is just in preparation for October.

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