Thursday, April 1, 2010

Baby Dreamin'

Well, last night I had my first baby dream for this pregnancy. I have been having weird dreams since I found out that I was pregnant, just like I did with Luke. I finally had a great dream.

Here's how it went:
I was pretty pregnant (I didn't look as big as I think I will by the end). I saw a calendar and was counting the days. There were about 5 days until my due date of October 15th. October 15th isn't set in stone, but it is my 37 week mark and that is the time they usually plan a c-section with twins. So, I have the babies. It doesn't seem too bad (which is definitely a dream because having a couple of babies pulled out of your tummy via an incision won't be a walk in the park). Then comes the best part...I see them. They are beautiful and they look exactly the same. They have perfect noses, sweet mouths, beautiful eyes, some hair, and are just so precious. Then I find out that one is a boy and one is a girl.

I woke up so filled with love and happiness. I don't know if this dream means anything as I think in our subconscious we have thoughts that fester and come out in our dreams. It tells me that I believe they will be born between October 10th (the date a lot of people like 10/10/10) and October 15th (the 37 week mark). It tells me I believe that the delivery shouldn't be too bad as it will at least be a planned thing and I won't have 26 hours of labor first. It tells me I might believe there will be one of each (or my sister is impacting my mind because that's what she thinks they will be). I have been really hoping they look alike, not exactly, but a lot alike. I would love for them to look like Luke as he was the most beautiful thing in the world.

Even if this dream is just a dream, it was really nice and I wanted to chronicle and share it. I pray I continue to have these great dreams and not anything bad.

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