Tuesday, August 31, 2010

3 Hour Gestational Diabetes Test

So today I went for my 3 hour gestational diabetes test. In case you didn't know I failed by a thin thread (I had a 135 and you had to have below 135). I had to fast from eating, drinking, and even brushing my teeth from midnight until the end of the test today. Of course, I ate something at 11:30pm, brushed my teeth really well at 11:58pm, and went to bed. I missed my water in the middle of the night (I wake up thirsty a lot), brushing my teeth first thing this morning, and of course, eating this morning.

I got to my appointment at 8:00am, had my first blood draw, drank the drink (it wasn't bad - probably since it was the only food/drink I could have for 12 hours), got my timer, and was setup in a room with another girl doing her test. Having another pregnant girl was a Godsend because 3 hours sounded like torture. We talked for about 2 1/2 hours, taking breaks when our timers went off each hour to go get poked. She was a sweet girl and had actually had gestational diabetes before so she told me what to expect if I have it (praying I don't of course).

We also talked about everything under the sun - college, marriage, having kids, even couponing. The time really did fly. When she left, I just read a tabloid magazine and that took up the rest of the time. It wasn't really that bad.

I got my last poke, checked out, and hit Chick-fil-A. I was starving! I scarfed down a whole large french fry in the 5 minutes from Chick-fil-A to my house. Then I felt sick. I ate my nuggets to get some protein in, but still felt yucky. I was really tired from lack of sleep, getting up early, and coming off the juice (the nurse said the sugar makes you sleepy). Luckily Lee just worked from home the rest of the day and I got a nice long nap. I felt better after that.

It was really not as bad as I thought it would be. I hope that I don't have gestational diabetes, but just like anything, it is worth anything I have to go through to have these precious miracles from God. :)

Monday, August 30, 2010

Gerber Freebies

So today we got a package from Gerber. It contained 2 little boxes. Each box had a canister of their Good Start formula, a onesie (so cute), a $6.00 coupon for a canister of formula, and a $1.00 coupon for Gerber apparel. I was so excited. Of course if you know how much I love couponing, I saw Rite Aid was having a deal on this exact formula. If you buy $25.00 worth of Gerber Good Start Formula, you get a $10.00 rebate. I am going tomorrow and will get a 26oz canister of formula for like $1.50 with all my coupons and the rebate. I am excited to get these coupons and freebies from companies so that I can go get stuff for super cheap for the babies. Of course we are hoping I can nurse or pump, but I know we will need formula at some point and if we don't, we can donate it. :)

30 Week Doctor's Appointment

Today I had my 30 week check-up. I am 30 1/2 weeks. I can't believe it! The check-up went great. Even though at home the scale said the same as it did 2 1/2 weeks ago, the scale at the doctor's office indicated a couple pounds gained. Either way, I am good with that. I am hoping to gain 1 - 1/2 pounds each week until I deliver, but the main thing is eating pretty good and staying satisfied. My blood pressure was perfect which makes me really happy because blood pressure being elevated can be cause for concern at this point (or any point really).

I am measuring 38 weeks which is totally normal. Most twin pregnancies carry 4-8 weeks bigger than a singleton. The babies' heartbeats were 130s/140s. Alexis moved a lot (as usual) during the doppler check and it was funny to hear it on the machine. She is going to be my wild woman I believe. She said that Nathan is low and to the right and Alexis is high and to the left.

I go on Friday for an ultrasound to check their growth and my cervix. I am thinking they will each be at least 3 1/2 pounds and that my cervix will be great. I also go back in 2 weeks for a check-up. At that appointment we will schedule my c-section even though I might not make it to that date. She did say if things keep going good, I can possibly make it to 38 weeks. I am good with that. The longer they gestate the better. 36 weeks is full-term for twins, but as anyone knows, each day/week helps. I want some big babies.

She did tell me to keep an eye out for anything "that didn't feel right." I asked what she meant and she gave me a list of things to watch out for.

I am really believing we will make it at least 36 weeks and probably longer. As long as the babies keep growing and I stay good, we can go longer. :) I am hoping for longer. Please join me in praying for a full-term (preferably longer) gestation. Thanks!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Multiples Freebies and Coupons

So the other day I posted about how I called all of these places and signed up for their multiples programs. Well in the past couple of days, I have already gotten so many freebies and coupons.

Here's what I got so far:

4 $5.00 off Johnson and Johnson products (they work like cash) - I can call every 2 months to get $20.00 more

A ton of BeechNut coupons (there were like 4 sheets of at least 6 coupons each) plus rebate options if I buy so much of their product

A package from Bordeaux's Butt Paste with 4 $1.00 coupons, 4 samples of diaper rash creme, 4 samples of shampoo/baby wash, 4 samples of baby lotion, 2 samples of lip/face cream, and 2 bibs

A sign-up coupon for Enfamil's $300.00 program which I will most definitely be signing up for

I am so excited to be getting all of these freebies and coupons. :)

Friday, August 27, 2010

30 Week Babies Bump

30 Week Survey

How Far Along? 30 weeks

Maternity Clothes? Yes. I am outgrowing what I currently have, so Lee and I are off to Destination Maternity this weekend for bigger sizes. I am hoping to find some comfy dresses as they are better than pants/shirts for comfort. I am also hoping to find find some nightgowns, a robe, and some things for after the babies are born to wear around the house to be comfy yet covered well.

Stretch Marks? Yes, there are some. They are reddish and itch like crazy. I am hoping they fade down the road. If not, they are a great reminder of what my body has gone through to bring two babies into the world. I will wear them proudly.

Sleep? Yes, I am more tired. Some days I feel like taking a nap. I actually tried to but got uncomfy and couldn't nap for more than 40 minutes. I go to bed earlier. I don't sleep as good though. I toss and turn and my hips, back, and stomach ache. Lee massages me every night and that definitely helps, but I am getting massive and just can't stay comfy in one position too long. I did sleep about 10 hours last night but got up so much it felt like less than 8.

Best Moment of the Week? Getting the co-sleeper. It makes it so much more real that we are going to have two little babies in our bedroom soon. I am a little nervous because it makes me realize that the sleep I am getting now should be cherished because soon I won't be getting more than a couple of hours at a time.

Genders? Baby A is a boy (Nathan Reid) and Baby B is a girl (Alexis Faith). I can't wait to meet my precious baby boy and girl. Luke is getting really excited. He loves looking at all of their stuff and says, "That's so cute," all the time.

Belly Button In or Out? Out and really sensitive.

Cravings? Good - water, ice, apples, milk, hearty meals; Bad - bacon cheese fries with homemade ranch dressing, pizza

What I Miss? Being comfortable. Being able to lay down and get up without aches and pains. Being able to do stuff for more than 15 minutes without exhaustion. Being able to bend over.

What I Love? Growing two babies. Feeling them move all the time. Getting closer to meeting our precious babies.

What I Am Looking Forward to This Week? Finishing the nursery, cleaning out the van and putting the carseats and stroller in, putting the co-sleeper together and getting everything setup in our bedroom for the babies, packing our bags for the hospital (JIC), my 30 week doctor's appointment on Monday (hoping to see the babies on an u/s), and growing the babies (eating, sleeping, and resting).

Milestones? Hitting 30 weeks. For some reason in my mind 30 weeks feels really close compared to 20 something.

Feeling the Babies Move? Oh yeah. Alexis is a wild woman. Nathan moves when I lay on my side. It's really neat feeling them. Sometimes it is tight and hurts, but it is worth it to feel them and know they are growing and healthy and strong.

Other Thoughts? I am just really getting excited more and more each day. With the excitement also comes some nervousness. I have to give it to God all the time. I truly believe everything will work out great and am so thankful for all of the prayers, thoughts, and nice things people have done for us.

Prayer Requests? Please just continue to pray for a safe and healthy rest of the pregnancy, that we are able to make it full term (36-38 weeks), for a safe delivery, a great recovery, and for a smooth transition to having the babies home. I also ask for prayers that I can deal with all the aches, pains, and discomfort for the duration and stay positive. Thanks!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Gestational Diabetes?

Well my nurse called me today and told me that I failed the 1 hour glucose screening. I needed less than 135 to pass and I got a 135 (imagine that). So, I am going to have to go in for the 3 hour glucose screening. I am going on Tuesday morning at 8:00am. I am not allowed to eat or drink after midnight (including water), can't brush my teeth that morning (how lovely), and have to wait three hours and have my blood drawn three times. YAY!!! Doesn't that sound fun? I have a feeling I might be hitting the closest fast food joint as soon as I am done. ;)

The good news is that my nurse seemed pretty sure I would pass the 3 hour test. The other good news is that even if I have it, it's really manageable and I only have about 6 1/2 weeks left before the babies are born to have to deal with it. I am really just praying that I don't have it. I appreciate your prayers as well.

Multiple Freebies and Coupons

I have been reading a ton of message boards about pregnancy, especially about multiple pregnancies, and I found this awesome link with a long list of companies that offer freebies, samples, and coupons for families with multiples.


Some offer it for just regular pregnancies, but most are for multiples. Some you can just call and sign up for the multiples program, but most require you to send in proof (I am assuming birth certificates). Don't send anything with your child's (children's) social security number. Just black out things you don't want them to know.

I went through the list of phone numbers very quickly today and have a ton of stuff and coupons coming my way. When the babies are born, I am going to be sending their birth certificates to all the companies to get as much free stuff and coupons as I can.

I also went on all of the formula and diaper websites and signed up for their programs. Make sure you fill out both kids if you are having multiples or select the box for multiples as I think you get double the stuff and coupons.








Hope this helps!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Feeding Twins

Ever since the day I found out that we were having twins, I've had a million thoughts and even fears run through my mind. One of my biggest concerns was, "How will I feed two babies?"

With Luke, I had no real obligations minus keeping our apartment somewhat clean, doing the laundry as needed, and cooking meals. Truth be told, Lee was fine with it not being perfect, helping with the laundry, and eating out more. I could just spend all day figuring things out, nursing him, getting him on a schedule, and working around that. Luckily he had no trouble nursing and I had so much milk I was able to pump the same amount he ate and store for later. I had time to do all of those things. When he went on formula, I had time to make bottles, handwash bottles, and keep up with all of the stuff that it required. It was pretty easy to be honest.

This time, there are two babies with two separate sets of needs, an almost 5 year old with his set of needs, a husband with his set of needs, and a household of tasks that need to be done, not to mention being on a budget (we didn't have to do that back when Luke was a baby). I know I am going to be pulled in a million directions 24 hours a day. To be honest, it really freaks me out. One baby/kid has been pretty easy (well at least really doable). I was a little scared to have the 2nd and once I found out it was the 2nd and 3rd, I was overwhelmed instantly.

So I have researched all of the options with feeding twins. There are a myriad of ways to do it. Who knew?

Method #1 - Exclusively tandem nurse the babies
This method means nursing both of the babies all of the time and at the same time. In a perfect world, this method would work 100% of the time. Both babies would go right on everytime and eat together and be super happy. But of course we don't live in a perfect world. One baby might latch while the other struggles. One might eat fast while the other eats slow. Or both could not latch. That's when you move onto other methods.

Method #2 - Exclusively nurse one baby at a time
This method means you wake and feed one baby while the other still sleeps. When you are done, you wake and feed the other baby. They are on a staggered schedule, meaning you have less time with both sleeping. This method could be very hard considering babies sleep only a couple of hours at a time so you really only get 1 1/2 hours of time (if you are lucky) during the day. That could be difficult with Luke to take care of and all the other things I have to do.

Method #3 - Both babies eat at the same time - one nurses and one gets a bottle of breastmilk
This method means you feed them both at the same time, but you only nurse one and the other gets a bottle of breastmilk. When you are done, you have to pump for the next feeding. You alternate which baby gets the breast and which one gets the bottle. You could also do this with formula if you don't wish to pump. This means you are nursing, pumping, and making and cleaning bottles which would probably be a good amount of work.

Method #4 - Both babies eat at the same time - exclusively pump and feed bottles
This method means that you feed them both at the same time, but you give them both bottles of pumped breastmilk. When you are done (or at some point every few hours), you have to pump for the next feeding. I've heard a lot of people use this method because it cuts down on worrying about latching and anyone can give the bottles. This might be a great way to include Lee and Luke in the process and maybe give me a little bit of a break. Plus going out would be easier (I don't nurse in public - not that I have anything against it, I just don't feel comfortable doing it myself).

Method #5 - Both babies eat the same time - give them bottles of breastmilk and formula
This method means that you feed them both at the same time, but you give them bottles of breastmilk and formula. When you are done (or at some point every few hours), you have to pump for the next feeding. Again, this is a popular method because you can just pump, add whatever formula you need, feed the babies, and clean up the mess. Again, others can be involved in the feeding process more.

Method #6 - Both babies eat at the same time - give them formula bottles
This method means that you feed them both at the same time, but you give them both bottles of formula. No breastfeeding, no pumping. You just make the bottles, feed them, and clean the bottles. This would definitely be an easy, but expensive method as formula is expensive especially for two.

After much research and thinking of what would be best for our family, I have ruled out the staggered schedule. I want both babies to eat, play, and sleep on the same schedule. This will give me more time with Luke, Lee, for myself, and to get all the other things done I need to get done, not to mention one of my favorite things, SLEEP.

God willing I have a good supply, I am not going to go the all formula method. It would cost $200-300 a month for formula for two babies. That is a good chunk of money.

I also don't think I will want to nurse one while the other has a bottle as that means I have to nurse and prop a bottle (or have Luke feed them - which that novelty will probably wear off fast), then pump (while Luke and the babies stay occupied), make a bottle for the next feeding, and clean the bottles and pumping supplies. That seems like a lot of work and not very realistic.

So I am down to exclusively tandem nursing, exclusively pumping and giving them bottles, or giving them bottles of breastmilk and formula as a supplement. I am not really sure which method I will be using as I haven't had the babies yet, I just know which methods I prefer and which ones I don't (at least on paper).

I think I will start with exclusively tandem nursing and work really hard at getting that method to work. I will have help for at least 5 weeks so Luke and the house will be covered and I can focus on the babies and sleep more. I am motivated to do this method as it is the cleanest (no washing bottles and pumping supplies) and pretty simple (just get the babies on and you are good to go). I still might pump if I have extra though like I did with Luke so they have access to breastmilk longer.

If I find that this method doesn't work or is just too difficult, then I will exclusively pump and make bottles. I will work on pumping on a schedule so I keep my milk supply up. If I have to, I will supplement with formula. Down the road, I imagine I will be doing all formula but my goal will be to put that off as long as possible.

This is my plan. I would love your prayers that exclusively tandem nursing works (at least for awhile). Either way, I would love your prayers that I just go with what works best for our family overall. It's not about me, or the babies, or anyone in particular. It's about our family as a whole. My prayer is that every decision (for the babies or otherwise) would #1 glorify God and #2 work for our family as a unit, not just individual parts.

29 Week Babies Bump

Friday, August 20, 2010

29 Week Survey

How Far Along? 29 weeks

Maternity Clothes? Still able to wear the same pants I've been wearing since 8 weeks, but my shirts are getting snug. I think I might have to make another trip to Destination Maternity soon.

Stretch Marks? Yes, cocoa butter is now on my nighttime routine.

Best Moment of the Week? Getting the nursery pretty much done last week. Lee hung the letters, put up the valences, and put up most of the decorations. I got all of the stuff fromour showers laundered and put away. Laying in bed last night watching the babies move (especially Alexis) with Lee. I see it all the time, but he was amazed at how much they are moving. I loved feeling his hand on my belly as our babies move around. His face was priceless.

Genders? Baby A is a boy (Nathan Reid) and Baby B is a girl (Alexis Faith). As I go through baby stuff, I think it is fun having blue and pink coordinating things. My favorite things so far are their coordinating robes and towels, clothes, Bumbos (one pink and one blue), umbrella strollers, and their seahorses. It is precious.

Belly Button In or Out? Out, and very, very sensitive.

Cravings? Water, ice, apples, Bagel Bites, Eggo waffles (at least this week - they were a super good deal last week), heartier meals.

What I Miss? Being comfortable. Being able to get up and down or roll over with no problem. Being cool (as in not always so hot). Shaving my legs without pain in my stomach. Bending over in general without pain in my stomach. Sleeping through the night (have a feeling that one will take a while to get back to). Going places (I am not allowed to travel now and going places pretty much wears me out). Getting on the floor and playing with Luke. Getting everything done I normally would get done (cleaning, laundry, cooking, projects). Eating without feeling full in five bites. Normal stomach digestion. ;)

What I Love? Growing two healthy babies. Feeling them moving in my tummy. Watching Lee and Luke enjoy watching/feeling the babies move. Being able to eat, rest, and sleep without guilt. Spending a lot of down time with my family. Knowing the babies will be here in 8 weeks. I am really excited to finally meet them.

What I Am Looking Forward to This Week? Finishing up the nursery decor. Growing the babies. Spending time with Lee and Luke. Resting, relaxing, sleeping, and eating.

Milestones? None that are real milestones, but I guess hitting 29 weeks with no problems is a great milestone. I can't believe next week I will be 30 weeks. Seems unreal.

Feeling the Babies Move? All the time. Alexis is higher and I feel her and see her moving a lot. I think she pushes on Nathan and he doesn't have as much room to move. When I lay on my side, he goes nuts. I think that takes pressure off of him. I love feeling them move. Sometimes Alexis' movements hurt as my stomach is tight and hard, but I still love it. It reassures me that I have two strong, healthy babies in there.

Other Thoughts? I am just really excited that we are in the home stretch. I can't wait to meet these babies (when they are full term of course). I am getting a little anxious when I think too much about what is going to happen (even though I really can't know everything as I have never had a 2nd let alone 2nd and 3rd baby). I am not really nervous about the c-section (well not yet) or even the recovery (even though I know it won't be fun), but am more nervous about getting two babies home, feeding them, taking care of them, and getting them to sleep on some sort of schedule like Luke did (so our lives can be somewhat normal) in addition to all of the other things I do. I know that God will provide (so far I have at least 5 weeks of constant everyday help, meals will be provided by our church, and Lee is always there 1000%), but I get nervous when I think of myself doing it all. I need to pray that I surrender it all to God on a daily basis. He alone is the only one who can really be there with me all the time. Please pray for me as well.

Prayer Requests? Please just continue to pray for my health and safety during the pregnancy, for two healthy full-term babies, a great delivery and recovery, and a smooth transition when we are home. Like I said above, please pray that I will surrender myself and our family to God each day and depend on Him to help me. Please pray that I don't try to be SuperMom and do it on my own as I know that if I do, I will most certainly fail. I appreciate your prayers more than you know.

28 Week Babies Bump

Friday, August 13, 2010

28 Week Doctor's Appointment

Today I went for my 28 week check-up and everything went great. I gained 3 pounds in the past 3 weeks which I am very happy about since I am really trying to not gain more than 35 pounds and that puts me at 23 pounds at 28 weeks. If I go 8-10 more weeks, I should be right at that if I gain 1 pound a week. My blood pressure was perfect. I got to hear both babies' heartbeats and they were great. I did the glucose test and it was fine. I just have to wait for the results.

My doctor and I discussed the Braxton Hicks contractions that I've been having and he said to just keep an eye on them and to call if they get stronger or more frequent. He also said that I couldn't travel anymore. He said my chances of bedrest are 25% right now which I think is normal for a multiple pregnancy in the 3rd trimester.

I go back in 2 weeks. I will be 30 weeks. WOW!!! It's almost hard to believe.

28 Week Survey

How Far Along? 28 weeks

Maternity Clothes? Yes, getting bigger all the time.

Stretch Marks? Yes, time to get the cocoa butter.

Sleep? Pretty much the same - sleeping pretty good, but getting up every few hours to go to the bathroom and re-adjust.

Best Moment of the Week? Nothing stands out really, just enjoying growing and feeling the babies.

Genders? Baby A is a boy (Nathan Reid) and Baby B is a girl (Alexis Faith). I am really excited about having one of each, especially the cute coordinating things. ;)

Belly Button In or Out? Out which is freaky. I never had that with Luke.

Cravings? Water, ice, apples, grapes, milk, food in general ;)

What I Miss? Being comfortable, sleeping all night, feeling like I don't have to pee, being productive, and being able to do everything with Luke.

What I Love? Growing two healthy babies. Feeling them move all the time.

What I Am Looking Forward to This Week? Getting things ready for the babies.

Milestones? 28 weeks makes the babies' chances of survival 90% or more.

Feeling the Babies Move? Oh yeah. It's tighter and they get stuck in weird positions, but I feel them move a lot.

Other Thoughts? I am just really getting excited about meeting the babies in less than 10 weeks.

Prayer Requests? Just please continue to pray for my health and safety during the pregnancy, a full-term pregnancy for the babies to be able to grow and develop all the way, a safe and healthy delivery and recovery, and a smooth transition to a family of 5 (with two newborns).

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Welcome to the 3rd Trimester - Here are Your New Symptoms

Well on Friday I hit the 3rd trimester. It's almost like leaving the 1st trimester for the 2nd in that my symptoms went completely away and I felt pretty good except the reverse. It was almost as sudden as the minute the clock struck 12:00 that all the new fun symptoms came.

Here are the symptoms that have kicked in thus far:

- HEARTBURN - I have only had to deal with a smidge of heartburn a couple of times so far, but since Friday I have had it constantly and painfully. No matter what I eat (or don't eat), drink (or don't drink), and/or do (or don't do), it doesn't help. It's awful. I am praying it is just a temporary thing and doesn't last the next 9 1/2 weeks. I guess TUMS will become my best friend now.

- NAUSEA - With the heartburn has come nausea. It's very strange as I haven't felt nauseous since week 12. I don't know if my stomach hurts or if it is just the intensity of the heartburn that makes me feel nauseous. Again, nothing I eat or drinks makes it worse. It just seems to be a continuous thing.

- BATHROOM YUCKINESS - I won't go into details as I know no one wants to read about it, but I think my stomach is so pushed on and is losing the battle for space with my giant uterus, so I am having a host of bathroom issues.

- MORE TIRED/WORN OUT - I think that my size is really catching up to me. My stomach feels huge and I think carrying it around it a full-time workout. I am pure worn out at night. Pretty much anytime I lay down I will fall asleep even if I get a full night's sleep.

- APPETITE CHANGES - I go from not wanting to eat much of anything to wanting to eat everything in my reach. Sometimes I can barely eat a small snack and other times I feel like I could eat 1/2 a cow and keep going. It's so weird. I make myself eat at least a little bit every couple of hours to keep my metabolism going and not get into starvation mode. I know that not eating for hours and then eating a huge amount of food causes massive weight gain which I am trying to avoid.

- MOOD SWINGS - Of course all women (especially pregnant women) are hormonal, but I think now that I am getting so big, uncomfortable, and closing in on the end (with the myriad of concerns that keep popping up), the mood swings are more frequent and up and down. I can cry over pretty much anything and unfortunately can get upset with others very easily. I need prayer that I can stay in control of my emotions and frustrations.

So far this is what is going on. I understand that these things are part of the process. While they are not fun (for myself or others to deal with at times), they are immensely worth it. I would go through anything I had to for these babies. Every mom understands that. The joy and blessing that is coming far outweighs any ache, pain, discomfort, or frustration. The great thing is that the Good Lord magically helps us to forget all of it (even the painful labor). If you don't forget it, at least you can look at your beautiful child every day and know it was all worth it. :)

Friday, August 6, 2010

2nd Trimester Review

Well, it's been a long 14 weeks (the longest trimester of pregnancy), but it's been really awesome. It's true what they say about the 2nd trimester. You feel the best, have the most energy, and a lot of big things happen.

Rolling into the 2nd trimester, my morning sickness seemed to stop almost immediately. PRAISE THE LORD! I hate throwing up more than anything. I would rather have shots and even surgery than throw up. I actually try to stop myself anytime I can. So it was nice to be done with all that.

We got to see the babies at 12 weeks on the ultrasound and they looked like real babies and not just blobs. It was awesome. We were able to rule out Trisomy and Down's which was a great feeling.

I started being able to eat and gain weight. I didn't gain an ounce the first trimester (probably from lack of eating and getting sick a lot), so I was happy when I started gaining. I think I gained about 24 pounds in the 2nd trimester for 24 total. I am hoping to not gain more than 35 and I have roughly 10 weeks to go so we shall see.

Around 17 weeks, Lee and Luke started being able to feel the babies from outside. It is one of the greatest things feeling the babies move and being able to share it with Daddy and Big Brother.

At 18 weeks we got to find out the genders of the babies. We both went in not caring either way what we had, but Luke wanted a brother and a sister. Well he is getting what he wants, one boy and one girl. We had 4 full names (2 per gender and the boy/girl combo), so they are going to be Nathan Reid and Alexis Faith. We are thrilled to be having one of each. I think it will be a very fun combo. The babies also looked perfect and measured great (ahead even).

I got a couple more ultrasounds at 24 and 25 weeks to measure the babies and to check me out. The babies are consistently measuring bigger than the average singleton baby (roughly 1 to 1 1/2 weeks bigger). They always look great which makes me so thrilled.

We have been to the beach a couple of times and have really enjoyed our last summer as a family of 3. It's hard to believe that next summer we will be toting 2 babies and all of their gear with us. It will be awesome!

We got the nursery bedding and decorations picked out and Lee and my mom painted the nursery and set everything up. We are still in the process of finishing and when we do I will post pictures.

We had two of our showers and got to spend time with family and friends and got some great things for the babies. The first shower was a Prince/Princess theme and the 2nd was Noah's Ark. Both were great. We are so blessed to have friends and family who love us and our babies and want to bless us. God provides abundantly and never ceases to amaze me with how much He provides.

So far I am doing really great. At my last appointment they checked everything out and said my cervix is better than most singleton moms. I am not showing any signs of pre-term labor. I am praying that it doesn't change and we make it to 37 weeks (October 15th) with no problems. I appreciate your prayers. I know they are working. :)

As I enter the 3rd trimester, I am excited and nervous. I am excited that we are closing in on finally getting to meet our precious son and daughter. I am nervous about how big and uncomfortable I am potentially going to get. I am nervous about the logistics of handling 3 kids. But I know that God is in control, has me and the babies in His hands, and will be my strength when I am weak. PRAISE HIM FOR THAT! :)

27 Week Survey

How Far Along? 27 weeks!!! Done with the 2nd trimester, entering the 3rd trimester!!!

Maternity Clothes? Yes. I am glad I have managed to find some cute things to cover my babies mountain (it's not a bump anymore) ;)

Stretch Marks? Some, but they aren't too bad (yet).

Sleep? I generally get about 8 hours of sleep minus the bathroom breaks and adjusting. I have to sit up to lay on the other side as I can no longer roll over from one side to the other. ;)

Best Moment of the Week? My babies showers this weekend were awesome. We got to see so many family and friends and got some great things for the babies. It's getting more real when I see their boy/girl, twin things (ie matching highchairs, umbrella strollers, and Bumbos).

Genders? Baby A is a boy (Nathan Reid) and Baby B is a girl (Alexis Faith). It's really fun getting boy/girl stuff. I thought I would enjoy buying/getting for same gender twins, but it's really fun getting pink and blue and specific things for each baby.

Belly Button In or Out? It's officially out, but not freakishly so (yet).

Cravings? Water, ice, apples, grapes, peaches, milk, yogurt, cheese, mac-n-cheese, pizza, bacon cheese fries with homemade ranch dressing, hearty meals.

What I Miss? Being comfortable. Being able to do things I normally do without being completely sore or exhausted.

What I Love? Growing two healthy babies. Feeling them move all the time. Looking forward to their arrival.

What I Am Looking Forward to This Week? Going to the beach this weekend. Lee only having to work three days next week. My mom is taking Luke Thursday night through Sunday night so we can get the nursery finished and have some couple time.

Milestones? 27 weeks/end of the 2nd trimester/beginning of the 3rd trimester. We "officially" have 10 weeks to go if I make it to 37 weeks.

Feeling the Babies Move? Oh yeah. They are either boxing or synchronized swimming all the time ;)

Other Thoughts? I am just really excited.

Prayer Requests? Please just continue to pray for my health and safety during the pregnancy. Please pray that I can make it 10 more weeks (at least 9 more weeks so they will be full-term) longer. Please pray for a healthy, safe delivery and recovery. Please pray for me to be as comfortable as possible for the duration. The biggest prayer request is for the transition to having two newborns. I am overthinking everything and need to remember to give it all to God, daily surrender, and remember to just relax and focus on things as they come.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Differences Between This Pregnancy and My Pregnancy with Luke

I have noticed so many differences in this pregnancy and my pregnancy with Luke and I thought that I would journal it so I could remember. That way when my kids ask me stuff, I will remember.

#1 - One Baby vs Two Babies
Well the most obvious difference is that there is one more baby this time. It's a huge difference. I am growing two precious miracles instead of just one and my body knows it.

#2 - Size and Proportion
My stomach is a lot bigger this time, but I haven't gained any weight much anywhere else (well my pants still fit from 8 weeks and I think my arms are pretty much the same). With Luke I gained more all over I think.

#3 - Weight Gain
Oddly enough I have gained less this time than I did with Luke. Even though I am growing two babies, I am very aware of what I am eating. The biggest reasons are because I gained way too much (and not the right way) with Luke and because once I knew there were two I figured I better make my choices good since I would probably eat more quantity-wise.

#4 - Food Preferences/Aversions
With Luke, I couldn't eat a lot of things, the main things being fish and chicken. That limited my choices to a lot of red meat things. This time I can eat pretty much anything (and do ;)) including fish (in fact I crave tuna fish sandwiches). I ate a lot of fast food with Luke and I really don't enjoy it this time. I drank more caffeine-free soda and less water with Luke. This time, I barely drink anything but water. I drink at least 10-12 glasses of water (if not more) each day. I think that is helping with the weight gain also.

#5 - Pressure/Pain
With Luke, I was totally fine and comfy until about the 8th month. This time the discomfort came really early (like around 15 weeks). Sometimes I feel fine and other times I can barely walk due to pelvic pressure or joint pain. It's really different.

#6 - Morning Sickness
With Luke, I had zero morning sickness. I felt great minus my food aversions which pretty much stayed the duration. This time, I had morning sickness from before 4 weeks until roughly 12 weeks. It was not fun and I don't miss it. ;)

#7 - Fear/Worry/Anxiety
Ironically I wasn't worried at all when I was pregnant with Luke. I didn't know very much about being pregnant/what could go wrong so I enjoyed every second of my pregnancy and had no worries. When he was born, I wasn't really worried about how we would do things. It wasn't easy obviously, but we figured it out. This time, I was worried from the day I got the positive that I might miscarry (since I did last Fall) and I can remember feeling so relieved when we got to the 8 week ultrasound and saw a healthy baby. Then when we saw two, the worry came back. I had heard about losing one twin (vanishing twin syndrome) between 8 and 12 weeks. I was so relieved at 12 weeks that they were perfectly healthy. I have worried about pre-term labor and bedrest (things I never even considered with Luke) until my 25 week checkup (I am doing better than most singleton moms). I have worried about the transition with them at home (how will we handle everything logistically) to how will we afford everything (possibly formula, baby food, diapers, and wipes). It's crazy I know as the Bible says, "Do not be afraid/do not worry" a ton, but it is easy to get worked up. I know God is in control and He will provide, but when I let myself get too carnal, I can worry.

I'm sure there are more differences, but these are the ones I have noticed the most. It's been so different, but really exciting.