Friday, April 30, 2010

13 Week Survey

How Far Along? 13 weeks

Maternity Clothes? Yes, I love maternity clothes. They are cute and comfy.

Stretch Marks? I am hoping they are residual but there might be new ones coming.

Sleep? Pretty much the same. Sleeping a lot at night, falling asleep earlier than usual, sleeping a little later than usual (thanks to my awesome little boy who plays and watches cartoons for a few extra minutes). I get up a few times at night and do rearrange some to ease up on my hips. I take a nap a couple of times a week depending on how tired I am.

Best Moment of the Week? Feeling the babies move even more. Finding out they both have very low risk for Down's Syndrom or Trisomy.

Genders? Don't know yet, but I am guessing 2 girls, even though I think one of each would be neat for Luke.

Belly Button In or Out? In

Cravings? Water, Apples, Smoothies made with calcium-fortified OJ, greek yogurt, strawberries, bananas (and sometimes pineapple), Popsicles, Pizza, Carby things like fries, chips, Buffalo Chicken Tenders, Ramen noodles

Aversions? Milk, Peanut Butter, Fish, Sweets (at times)

What I Miss? I am pretty much used to things now (no caffeiene, going potty all the time, having to rest more). I guess I miss being able to run around more. I have to be more careful and need more rest.

What I Love? Having two miracles growing and developing everyday in my belly.

What I Am Looking Forward to This Week? Now that I have no sickness and lots of energy, getting things caught up and starting to work on going through all the baby stuff and making a list of what we still need. Growing the babies. Spending more time outside with Luke.

Milestones? Seeing the babies again on Monday at my 12 week check-up. It was great to see them doing well as we went into the 2nd trimester.

Feeling the Babies Move? A lot more. I feel more taps (kicks) and have felt both of them flip. It's amazing! I can't wait for Lee and Luke to be able to feel it.

Other Thoughts? I am so thankful for this experience and that God has His hands over these babies and me. So far everything is going perfectly. I pray that it continues this way. I am also thankful for the generosity of family and friends. At this rate, we aren't going to need too much for these babies. God provides through willing and generous vessels. We just have to surrender and remember He gave us this double blessing and He will provide for this double blessing.

Prayer Requests? Healthy mommy. Healthy babies. Patience and strength for whatever comes our way.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Couple of Active Babies

I think one of the coolest things about having twins is that I have been able to feel stuff a lot faster and a lot more intensely this time than I did with Luke. With Luke I started feeling flutters at 14 weeks and it slowly progressed to little kicks and then more kicks and then to feeling him do crazy stuff in there. Finally at about 1/2 way Lee got to feel him.

This time I thought I felt flutters at 10 weeks. Now I am pretty sure I did because at 12 weeks I started feeling a few light taps (I guess they would be called kicks). In just a few short days that has progressed to feeling even more movement. I have felt Baby B flip a few times and tonight I felt Baby A flip. It's intense and even hurts a little bit, but man is it one of the best feelings in the world. I would love to feel them move all day everyday. I loved feeling Luke and can't wait for Luke and Lee to be able to feel the movements also.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Babies' Down's and Trisomy Results Great

Last Friday we went for a special ultrasound and we had extra analysis done of my blood, their individual neck thicknesses, and my age to determine each baby's chances of having Down's Syndrome or Trisomy.

We got the results back today and they were great.

Baby A has a 1/1,000+ chance of Down's and a 1/10,000+ chance of Trisomy.

Baby B has a 1/10,000+ chance of Down's and a 1/10,000+ chance of Trisomy.

All of these results mean that our chances are rare. I have the same chances as a 20 year old. Sounds good to me. :)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Overcome with Hormones, Emotions, and Thankfulness

Maybe it's the hormones, maybe it's the fact that I am normally an emotional person, or maybe it's the overwhelming feeling of how awesome God is and how he orchestrates everything perfectly in my life according to His plan and His will. I don't know, but I do know that I can cry at the drop of a hat. It's not just tears but a complete feeling that overcomes me and I can't control the tears.

A few stories:

Friday night Lee and I were driving home from our date night and were talking about stuff and for some reason it really hit me that after the babies are born, Luke will turn 5 within just a couple of months. I have said it a million times, "I'll have a 5 year old with two newborns," but for some reason it just really hit me and I cried like a baby. I couldn't stop. Why do they have to grow up so fast? I have spent nearly everyday of his life with him nearly all day each day and I have enjoyed all the moments I have had with him, but it still feels like he cannot be turning 5. He needs to stop growing up on me.

Sunday morning we had an evangelist come to our church and he taught the gospel in a very neat way. At the end he did an altar call. I normally just sing and pray that others will go down that need to. This time I began crying and felt the Lord telling me to really pray for the babies. I put my hand on my belly and lifted them up from today in my womb to their birth and life and future and even their future spouses. I prayed that they would walk with the Lord and love Him everyday of their lives. I couldn't stop crying. It was one of the most intense prayers of my life. I was completely overcome with God's presence in my life and the lives of my babies.

I cry when I watch anything sappy on TV or movies. I cry when I think about how blessed we are. God is soooooo amazing! Our family and friends are so amazing! I can't even count all of my blessings as they are immeasurable.

Monday, April 26, 2010

12 Week Doctor's Appointment and Bonus Ultrasound

Today I went to my regular OB for a 12 week check-up. I figured I would just get the usual things done - weight, blood pressure, urine check, and a doppler heartbeat check. I got lucky and the doctor wanted to do an ultrasound to really make sure she saw both hearts beating and could tell their heartbeats were strong.

So I got to see our precious babies again. YAY! They looked just as cute as they did on Friday. Today they were turned the other way. We saw Baby B moving around a lot. We saw B's heart just a flickering. She said it was very strong. Baby A looked like it was sleeping. Baby B "kicked" Baby A and A started moving around like crazy. We saw A's heart flickering as strong as Baby B's. B's looked really strong also.

I didn't change weight by a single ounce which the doctor said is fine since the babies look good and I started out overweight. We discussed weight gain and she recommended about 0.6 pounds a week until the end. She said the main thing is to eat healthy when I am hungry. That is my focus. I am going to watch the scale but I am going to eat when hungry and aim to eat a lot of good healthy things - fruits, veggies, dairy, protein, whole grains, and water. I don't want to gain more than necessary but want the babies to get everything they need.

She said to come back in 4 weeks for another check-up. I don't know if they will do another ultrasound then as I will be 17 weeks and we did one with Luke at 18 weeks and found out his gender. They sent me to a specialist last time since I had a cleft to have more detailed ultrasounds done. I am pretty sure they will do that again, but I wouldn't mind finding out a little early what the genders are.

I am so happy that I am doing great and the babies are doing great. God is awesome and our prayers are being answered.

Friday, April 23, 2010

12 Week Ultrasound

We had our 12 week ultrasound today. It was awesome! Both babies are perfectly healthy. They measured them, looked at them, checked their heartbeats, and checked for Down's Syndrome indicators. Both babies measured great, looked great, had heartbeats of 165, and had no indicators of Down's Syndrome. I got my blood drawn for further analysis and will find out Tuesday what the chances of either baby having Down's Syndrome. We have no reason to think that either should. It was awesome. Here are the pictures.

Baby A - Measured 12 weeks, Heartbeat of 165Baby B - Measured 12 weeks, 3 days, Heartbeat of 165
Both Babies

12 Week Survey

How Far Along? 12 weeks

Maternity Clothes? Yes, I am getting bigger all the time

Stretch Marks? They are coming. I need to bathe in cocoa butter. ;)

Sleep? Definitely need a bunch. I usually fall asleep by 11:00 and sleep until I have to get up. I get up a lot to go to the bathroom and sometimes I just get uncomfortable and need to move around and get back in a good position. I am taking a nap a couple days a week.

Best Moment of the Week? Our 12 week ultrasound today. Post to come including pics.

Genders? Don't know yet, but I am guessing 2 girls still.

Belly Button In or Out? In

Cravings? Water, Apples, Grapes, Pasta, French Fries, Popsicles

Aversions? Milk, Most dairy products, Peanut Butter, Fish, Some sweets

What I Miss? Being comfortable. Not going to the bathroom all the time.

What I Love? Being apart of a double miracle and blessing. Growing two babies in my tummy. Sleeping/resting/eating without guilt.

What I Am Looking Forward to This Week? 12 week doctor's appointment Monday. I get to hear the heartbeats again and hopefully schedule another ultrasound - hopefully the big one where we find out the genders. Growing the babies. Getting more things planned for babies.

Milestones? Hitting 12 week mark. Done with 1st trimester. About 1/3 of the way there. Chances of a loss go down considerably. Seeing the babies at the 12 week ultrasound today. Post to come including pics.

Feeling the Babies Move? A few times a day. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! I can't wait to feel them all the time. It's a great feeling.

Other Thoughts? I am just so grateful for two healthy babies, my husband who never complains and does so much for me and our family, Luke who is big enough to play and let me rest, and all my family and friends who are lifting us up in prayer. To God be all the glory for all these blessings.

Prayer Requests? I wrote an entire blog post on specifics, but the best prayers are for a healthy pregnancy and delivery, full-term, healthy babies, and patience and strength for whatever comes.

12 Week Babies Bump

Thursday, April 22, 2010

1st Trimester Review

Since tomorrow officially starts my 2nd trimester, I thought that I would do a review of my 1st trimester. There has been a lot of excitement and surprises (not to mention lots of morning sickness and other pregnancy symptoms). It's been amazing and overwhelming.

It started out with disappointment that I wasn't pregnant the previous month. We just decided, "Let's keep trying. God will make it happen in His perfect timing." Little did we know that in the next couple of weeks we would be pregnant again. I just knew it had happened even a few days after which coincided with my birthday. I was sick as a dog on my birthday and couldn't eat anything much for a few days. The next weekend we had my family birthday get together and I cooked most of the food, hosted it, and cleaned up a pretty good deal. I felt awful and passed out as soon as everyone left. I just had a strong feeling I was pregnant. Lee told me to wait until a test would work so I didn't spend a fortune on pregnancy tests (he knows me too well).

On Wednesday, February 24th, I took a test and it was faintly positive. I was psyched! I knew that it wasn't likely to get a positive (even a faint positive) unless I was in fact pregnant. I tested again (and again, and again, and again) until I got a strong positive on Friday. I called my OB to see about getting my HCG tested since I had the miscarriage in November. I was excited but didn't want to get too excited until I knew that things looked good. I went in on Monday, March 1st and got the test done. I couldn't wait to find out the results. She called me Tuesday after Bible study and said, "It's good." I immediately started crying I was so happy. She said, "They are 505 which is actually high." I was thrilled! I went back Tuesday, March 3rd, and got another test done. She called me and told me, "They tripled, they are 1550." I knew that was good news.

After much research on HCG (yes I am an avid google searcher), I realized that tripling could be a sign of twins. I mentioned it to Lee and joked about it a few times and he always said, "I don't see how it could be." Luke told me it was going to be twins a bunch and even told me what we should do with the nursery for a baby boy and a baby girl. It was precious and part of me thought, "It would be really cool to have twins since Luke will nearly be 5 when we have the baby and we want 3-4 kids." I never really thought it was possible.

I had tons of sickness and thought, "This must be a girl." I wasn't sick at all with Luke so I knew something was different. Little did I know what the real "something different" was.

On Thursday, March 25th, with full hearts and a little anxiety, we went for my check-up and ultrasound. I got all the practical, necessary things done while Lee and Luke waited in the waiting room and then they got everything ready and brought them in. We looked at the ultrasound and saw a blob. I was so happy. Then she measured it and we saw, heard, and measured the heartbeat. I was already crying I was so happy. Lee and Luke were stoked. Then she said, "And here's something you probably weren't expecting." I said, "TWINS?!?!" She said, "YES!" I said, "Are you serious?!?!" She said, "YES!" We measured it and we saw, heard, and measured the heartbeat. Two healthy babies. I was laughing and crying the rest of the ultrasound and appointment.

They gave us the run-down on twins. We were told there would be more doctor's appointments, more ultrasounds, and that we would probably only go until around 37 weeks. All I could really think about was, "Wow! God has truly answered our prayers with a double blessing." We took our pile of information and stack of pictures and went to the car and sat there calling family.

Each conversation went:
Us: "The appointment took longer than we thought. Sorry."
Them: "So what did you find out?"
Us: "Well we didn't see exactly what we thought we would see."
Them: "What is it?"
Us: "We are having twins!!!!"
Them: "No way. You are joking" (or something to that effect)
Us: "Seriously, we are having two babies." (and trying to convince them)

It was soooooo funny! Everyone was shocked!

I posted the pics and told everyone (because I can't stand to share good news). Everyone was surprised and excited for us.

I spent a few days being really anxious and after praying with my pastor, I felt a lot better. I continued to pray everytime I got scared or worried. I committed both babies to the Lord and prayed a hedge of protection around them. Knowing that God has His hands holding them makes me feel better anytime fear or worry tries to creep in.

The past few weeks have been filled with sickness, going to the bathroom all the time, and trying to eat whatever whenever I can. We've been working on and selecting baby names, working on collecting things we are going to need since we will have two babies this time, planning the nursery, and just being extremely excited about the future and our growing family.

As we embark on the 2nd trimester, I am really excited. Tomorrow is officially 12 weeks and we have a special ultrasound to see the babies again. Monday I have my 12 week check up. In a few weeks we will get to find out the genders. We will be spending the 2nd trimester picking out the rest of our baby needs, planning showers, having showers, and getting everything ready for the babies. I am really looking forward to it.

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Evil Morning Sickness Returns

Well I thought I was in the clear, but after over a week of no morning sickness (AKA all day sickness), it has reared it's ugly head again. I started feeling sick Thursday night but didn't actually "get sick" until Sunday morning. I felt sick all day Sunday and "got sick" Monday morning and Monday night. It doesn't seem to matter what I eat and there don't seem to be triggers, it just happens. I am really praying that it goes away for good. The thing that I keep focusing on is growing two healthy babies in my tummy. These things come with the territory. At least I will be out of the first trimester in the next couple of weeks so hopefully I will be done with the morning sickness or at least it will be better.

I Feel Like a Kid at Christmas

Ever since we found out we were having twins and that we would get a bunch of extra ultrasounds, the next one being at 12 weeks, I started the countdown like a kid starts on the first day of December for Christmas. I kept saying, "Only 4 (3, 2, 1) week(s)". I googled what babies look like at 12 weeks in utero and got even more excited.

Well now we are exactly 4 days away and I cannot wait. I am really happy that we have a lot going on this week - Bible study, playdates, Durham Bulls game, and church - between now and Friday morning, not that I am wishing my days away, but so that we will have fun things to keep us busy and occupied until the big day.

We are going to a specialist that deals with high-risk pregnancies. All twin pregnancies are considered high-risk, but we are not high-risk based on anything else. They check you more, they do more ultrasounds, and overall they have to keep a closer eye on you (especially close to the end as pre-term labor is more common in multiple pregnancies).

We are potentially going to be getting a CVS done. CVS is Chorionic Villus Sampling and is basically a prenatal test that detects chromosomal abnormalities such as Down's Syndrome, Trisomy 13, Trisomy 18, Cystic Fibrosis, Sickle Cell Disease, and more. It doesn't check for tubal issues. This is a procedure where they take a sample from the placenta(s) and test them. They also do the ultrasound to check on things as well.

At first, I was totally opposed to having it done as I would not terminate my babies no matter what their potential "defects" might be. Lee and I believe that all babies are a precious gift from God and are supposed to be here for a reason, whether they are "normal" or not. Plus, I am pro-life no matter what the situation. I also felt like if there is any risk, why take it.

I have thought and prayed about it, and I really don't think we are going to do it, but we are going to discuss it more with the counselor and/or doctor to see what the real pros are compared to the risks. I don't want to just close the door if it could potentially help the babies.

I ask that you would lift us up in prayer for the ultrasound and the potential test. Please pray that our minds will be calm when we go in to get the ultrasound done and that we will listen to the counselor, but then go to The Counselor for our decision. Please pray that whatever we do, The Physician will be with the physician during the procedure and keep the babies safe. Again, please pray that the babies are healthy and that the ultrasound and/or test will show exactly that.

God is in complete control of our lives, my pregnancy, and the lives of these babies. He knew them before the foundation of the world. He knew we would be their parents and that they would be our children before Lee and I were even born. He is knitting them together in my womb and has them in His hands. I have prayed a hedge of protection around them and myself and I know that He is watching over them all the time. He knows everything about them and has a perfect and wonderful plan for their lives. I can't wait to see them again and meet them this Fall.

Friday, April 16, 2010

11 Week Survey

How Far Along? 11 weeks

Maternity Clothes? Yes, I feel like I grow a little bit each day

Stretch Marks? They are showing up. I am not sure if they are from my pregnacy with Luke or new, but it's time to pull out the cocoa butter.

Sleep? As much as I can get. I sleep at least 8 hours at night and take a nap sometimes. I am resting a lot. I am having trouble staying comfy as I get ligament pains or have to go to the bathroom a lot at night, but overall I sleep longer and make up for it.

Best Moment of the Week? Finally getting done with this sickness all day. For the most part I am feeling pretty good minus growing pains.

Genders? Don't know yet. We have a 12 week ultrasound next week and there is a small chance we could get a hint on the genders. Either way we hope to know in 5-9 weeks. I have been having a feeling they are the same gender, but it is really hard to know for sure with twins.

Belly Button In or Out? In

Cravings? Water, Apples, Grapes, Pineapple, Baby Carrots with Ranch, Pickles, Veggies, Pasta, French Fries, Starburst

Aversions? Milk, Most dairy products, Peanut Butter, Fish, Sweets

What I Miss? Not having weird aches and pains in my tummy, hips. Not going to the bathroom all the time.

What I Love? Knowing I am growing two babies in my tummy. Being able to sleep/rest without guilt. Being able to eat more and when I do not feeling guilty.

What I Am Looking Forward to This Week? Our 12 week ultrasound next Friday. The Durham Bulls game Wednesday. Growing the babies. Finishing up our first trimester. Working on baby preparations some more.

Milestones? Being done with the sickness phase.

Feeling the Babies Move? A few times a day. I LOVE IT!

Other Thoughts? I am really thankful for these babies, my husband who takes such good care of me, my son who is good and lets me rest when I need it, my family and friends who are praying for me, and very happy to feel better.

Prayer Requests? I wrote an entire blog post on specifics, the main being healthy pregnancy, healthy babies, and lots of patience and strength to deal with whatever comes along with this pregnancy, delivery, and life with two newborns.

Babies Bump 11 Weeks

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Little Freak Out Last Night

For some reason last night I started thinking about how much things are going to potentially cost when the babies arrive. It's not the big things as we have most of them and/or are borrowing/receiving stuff from people, it's the day-to-day, monthly things like diapers, wipes, formula (potentially), and baby food (potentially).

I started assessing the potential costs and started freaking out. For some reason, it never dawned on me until the sickness went away (that took a lot of my thought and energy). I thought about cloth diapers vs disposable diapers and Lee and a few of my friends helped me realize that life is already going to be harder and crazier and I am going to have so much to do that adding the cleaning and laundering of cloth diapers will potentially be too much.

I am hoping to nurse as long as I can and hopefully have extra to pump and store for later use, but if we do need formula we will get it.

I am hoping to be able to make some of the baby food, but we will probably buy some.

What it all boils down to (and I have to remember everyday) is that God will provide for all of our needs. He never fails. Lee works really hard and is great with money (and as he reminded me), will take care of whatever we need. I just need to remember that everyday and rely on God for provision, strength, patience, and unconditional love no matter what. He wouldn't give us more than He knew we could handle with His help. GOD IS GOOD!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Specific Prayer Requests

As most of my friends and blog readers know, I am a big believer in the power of prayer. "The prayer of a righteous man (woman) availeth much" - James 5:16. I have held fast to that promise for the past few months. I have been so blessed to have so many people praying for our family. I appreciate the prayers more than you know. I just wanted to do a post on specific prayer requests that I am constantly praying over this pregnancy, delivery, and life after babies so that you can partner with me if you would like to.

Specific Prayer Requests:

Healthy, Safe Pregnancy - As with any pregnancy there are certain risks, but with a multiple pregnancy, they are a bit higher. Please just pray that the babies and I will remain healthy and safe during this pregnancy. Pray for normal blood pressure and blood sugar for me. Pray that the babies develop properly and grow every minute they are in there.

No Anxiety for Me - At first the anxiety was very strong, but through prayer, it has ceased. I know that at any moment fear, worry, and doubt can creep in. Plese pray that those thoughts won't come in my mind and if they do that I would immediately pray and feel God's peace that passes understanding in my mind and heart.

No Physcial Defects for the Babies - I have a cleft palate and lip and I pray each pregnancy that my children will not have it. It's not that we can't handle it with God's help, but I just want my babies to have the best, healthiest lives possible.

No Bed Rest - We are praying that I will not have to be on bed rest (especially full bed rest) as that could potentially be difficult for our family. Please pray that I will not be on it, and if I have to be that the logistics work and our family will still run smoothly.

37 Week (or longer) Gestation - Multiple pregnancies are always early (don't usually go past 38 weeks). The goal now is 37 weeks. Since I couldn't have Luke without a c-section (didn't even dialate until I had all the pitocin they could give me in 26 hours), I am praying that I don't have pre-term labor with the twins. Our goal date is October 15th. We are planning to schedule a c-section in the 37th week (hopefully even longer). Please pray that if they do come early, that they will be healthy and safe and that we can deal with possibly having them in the NICU.

Safe Delivery - Please pray that the delivery will go as safely and easily as possible. Having a planned c-section should make things a lot easier and safer this time. Like I mentioned before we are praying for a schedule c-section after 37 weeks, but please pray that if I go in labor earlier or they have to stop labor, that we will be able to deal with it.

Healthy Babies - Please pray that the babies will be completely healthy when they are born - no lung issues, no birth issues, no things that can happen in general (jaundice). Luke was perfect and we are praying the babies will be also.

That the Babies Get to Come Home with Us When We Come Home - We are praying that the babies will be born at term and be healthy enough to come home without having to stay in the NICU. Please pray that if for some reason they don't that we can handle the emotional and physical issues that come with being apart.

That the Babies Will Be Able to Nurse with Little to No Problems - We are praying to nurse the babies pretty much exclusively. With Luke he and I did it with very little challenges (even the first few times). I pray that I will be patient and calm and that the babies will be great nursers early on so that we can nurse them and they can grow really well. Please pray that if for some reason I do have to use formula that I won't have guilt as new moms tend to feel bad if they can't do everything "just right".

That Without Sleep, We Will All Still Be Kind, Loving, and Patient - I know that at first sleep will be sparse and spread out, so please pray for strength, patience, kind words, and loving hearts when we are sleep deprived.

That the Babies Will Sleep Well Early On - Luke slept through the night (8 hours straight) at 8 weeks and by 12 weeks was sleeping 12 hours straight. Please pray that the babies are able to do this ASAP so that we can enjoy our lives with them and in general even more ASAP.

That Luke Will Adjust to Being a Brother/Not An Only Child Anymore - I know Luke is excited, but I am sure that he will have a few issues with not being the only child and having 2 babies that demand mommy and daddy's attention all the time. Please pray that he will adjust well, that we will find patches of time to spend with just him, and that he will be as helpful as he says he will be.

That Our Home Will Still Run Smoothly - Please pray that we are still able to keep up with housework, laundry, and meals. I know it won't be perfect, but pray that we can at least keep the house manageable.

I know that I am very specific and a lot of my requests sound like they are to make my life easier (and some of them are), but I also know that God knows greater what we need than we do. Please pray God's will for our family, the twins, and our lives. If anything I have requested is out of His perfect will for our life, I pray that the Holy Spirit will intercede and that God will do whatever needs to be done to glorify Him and keep us dependent on Him everyday. Please pray that we remember in everything, even the bad stuff, to glorify God and be completely dependent on Him for our every need.

To Him be all the glory, honor, and praise for this immense blessing in our lives. We are amazed by His greatness everyday. He loves us sooooooo much.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

I am soooooooooooooooooo happy to report that my morning sickness (AKA "all day sickness") is officially gone. I have to say it was not the highlight of my pregnancy and I am thrilled to say "goodbye" to that phase and "hello" to the eating and growing babies phase.

It's like a complete 180. I went from hating most food and not enjoying eating at all to liking most of what I liked before pregnancy (minus peanut butter and sweets) and being able to really enjoy the food and keep it down in just a few days. It's awesome! Now I can hopefully healthfully gain weight for the babies as they need it since their gestation is on average a month shorter than single babies.

Things I am absolutely loving:

Water - I can't drink anything but water and I constantly feel the need to hydrate (of course that means more trips to the bathroom)

Baby Carrots with Light Ranch - I love them normally, but I crave them now. I already went through a 2 pound bag of baby carrots since Saturday night. I hope it helps the babies' eyes.

Fruit - I can eat any kind of fruit anytime of day. I love apples, grapes, pineapple, strawberries, and pretty much any other fruit that comes my way.

Vegetables - Green beans are my favorite, but I am also enjoying salad and other starchy veggies.

Pasta - I love pasta all the time, but during my pregnancy it is like the perfect meal. I order pasta anytime we go out if it is on the menu and have been eating Baked Ziti at home a lot.

Pretzels - I can't stand saltines and after a box decided to try pretzels for the nausea. They are normally something I really like, but they have been a staple this pregnancy. I keep a big bag by my bed so that if I need a little snack they are there.

Things I am absolutely hating (that I would normally love/like):

Soda - I can't drink soda at all (which is a good thing). I think it dehydrates me and the sugar is too much. I usually drink diet when I am not pregnant so maybe the real stuff is too sweet for me. I am not complaining though as that is just empty calories.

Peanut Butter - I can't stand to even smell peanut butter. It was making my stomach turn but now that I am not sick, I just don't like the smell. Obviously I am not eating it. ;)

Fish - Enough said ;)

Milk/Yogurt - I don't know why, but I can't tolerate these at all. I am praying I can soon as the babies need it for bone development. With Luke I drank a gallon of milk every couple of days at the end of my pregnancy. I am hoping this time I can do that in the middle.

Sweets - I can't stand sweets right now (which again is a good thing). Maybe the babies are health nuts ;)

Well, I am super happy to be able to feel good, have some amount of energy (even though I still rest a lot), and most importantly be able to eat and enjoy food again. I am hoping to gain back the 2 1/2 pounds I lost by the end of the first trimester (2 1/2 more weeks) and then gain 1 - 1 1/2 pounds a week for the rest of the pregnancy. I'll keep you updated. :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Things I Get Really Tired of Hearing (Already)

Okay maybe it's the hormones or a strong wondering of "why do people say the things they say?" but lately some comments people say have just gotten on my last nerve. Since this is a blog all about growing our family and everything that we are going through (good or bad) during this pregnancy, I thought I would share with my readers.

#1 - "You mean you might want more kids after the twins?" or "I guess this means you guys are done?"
I can't stand this question. Lee and I have surrendered our family growth decisions to the Lord. He is guiding our lives especially in this area. Now this doesn't mean we are just going to do things that make babies and see if God gives us kids because I can tell you the answer would probably be, "Yes, and every year," as we get pregnant really easily. We mean that we are praying over it and letting Him show us if He believes we should have more kids. It doesn't mean a specific number or stopping point. Even with the twins on the way, we are not closing that door. If God tells us to "be fruitful and multiply" again after the twins then we will. If He shows us that we are done, then we will be done. I am not letting popular opinion dictate our family.

#2 - "You mean you are going to still try to homeschool Luke?" (not said in a positive way)
Again, I can't stand this question. The Lord put homeschooling on my heart before I even knew I was pregnant with Luke and after 5+ years of praying, we decided that homeschooling was the right thing for Luke and most likely for our future children. The reasons are very strong and the calling of the Lord is all that really matters to me. I do know there are things that might be more challenging with having two almost one-year-olds, but I don't see why we should just get out of God's calling and forget all the reasons we have for homeschooling.

#3 - "You got lucky with Luke. There is no way you can schedule the twins like you did Luke."
First of all, Luke was a great baby, but we worked very hard to get him on a schedule. I haven't really met anyone who just "got lucky" with their kids. Babies require a lot of guidance to be on a schedule. We are planning to do everything we did with Luke and have already talked to moms of multiples who followed the same book (BabyWise) with singletons and twins and had great success. We know it might not go as well as it did with Luke as we will have two individuals with potentially different needs, but we are going to try our hardest to schedule the babies to fit in with our family's schedule. We plan to be able to live our lives still.

There are probably more, but these are the three that drive me the craziest right now. I apologize if this post sounds rude, but I get tired of people's rude comments/questions and this is a blog where I share it all, good or bad. This just happens to be the bad.

Weird Night Last Night

Well as most of you know that have been pregnant, you pee all the time, even in the middle of the night, which can be a little annoying. Well, I get up at least 2 or 3 times at night to go potty. Last night was weird. I went to the bathroom at 11:30 and went to bed. I woke up at 2:30, 5:30, and 8:30 to go to the bathroom. As I walked like a zombie to the bathroom by the third time, I started thinking, in about 6 months, I will be getting up every 3 hours to feed two babies. Maybe I am getting prepared. Of course in 6 months I won't be able to go right back to sleep 2 minutes later or sleep extra to make up for the middle of the night wake-ups. I just thought I would share. I guess I should be thankful it's only 3 times. By the end, I will probably be up every hour.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Final Four Baby Names

Well, coming into this pregnancy, we had already looked into baby names and had a couple of great girls' names and one halfway done boy name. Once we figured out it was twins, we had to come up with four (2 of each) great baby names. It definitely made it more challenging.

We had to consider what 2 girls' names would go together yet stand on their own (same for 2 boys), what would be good brother/sister combos, how to keep them from sounding too cheesy, and we took the usual things (popularity, meaning) into consideration.

Well, after much thinking and praying, we have our final four baby names.

Alexis Faith (means "defender" "faith")
Anna Grace (means "grace" "grace")

Nathan Elijah (means "he God has given" "my God is Lord")
Ben Alexander (means "son" "defender")

Alexis Faith
Nathan Elijah

Babies Bump 10 Weeks

Friday, April 9, 2010

10 Week Survey

How Far Along? 10 weeks

Maternity Clothes? Yes, I get bigger everyday

Stretch Marks? Not any new ones

Sleep? I am still pretty tired. I either take a nap in the afternoon or want to go to bed by 10:00pm. I aim to get 8 hours at night. I do get up to go the bathroom a lot and sometimes I get uncomfy and have to shift around to find a good sleeping position, but for the most part I am getting some good sleep.

Best Moment of the Week? Seeing what they look like on the Babystrology thing on my blog. They look like babies all of a sudden. I can't wait to see them in 2 weeks on the next ultrasound.

Genders? Don't know yet. Looking forward to finding out. I still have a feeling at least one is a girl, but I am not really 100% sure yet. With Luke I knew he was a boy very early on, but with two I can't tell. There is no gender predictor for twins (at least not one that I've found).

Belly Button In or Out? In

Cravings? Water, Fruit, Baby Carrots with Ranch, Pickles, French Fries, Pasta, Pretzels

Aversions? Milk, Most dairy products, Peanut Butter, Fish, Sweets

What I Miss? Being able to clean my house, do laundry, and cook meals. I know that sounds weird, but I don't like having to rest a lot or be sick and not be able to do the things I normally do. I also miss the energy to keep doing things I normally do like running errands, playing with Luke, and like I said household chores.

What I Am Looking Forward to This Week? Nothing specific, just hopefully feeling good as my nausea seems to have subsided for a couple of days and growing the babies.

Milestones? 10 weeks, double digits ;)

Feeling the Babies Move? I swear I do. It gets stronger each day.

Other Thoughts? I am just so thankful for God's blessings. He never ceases to amaze me.

Prayer Requests? Just continue to pray for my health and energy during and after this pregnancy. I am thinking of putting some specifics that I really want prayer for in a separate post.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Food: Friend or Foe?

Background: When I was pregnant with Luke, I was very fortunate to barely have any morning sickness. I never threw up and if I had any nausea, it wasn't that bad. I did have extreme fatigue and slept a lot, but that could have been contributed to the fact that I was able to sleep all the time as I didn't have a job or that many responsibilities.

With this pregnancy, I have been sick since before I found out that I was pregnant. I have had nausea on and off (if not on all day) for weeks. I got lucky one day and felt better but then got the sickest I've gotten that night before bed. It's so weird.

I can't enjoy eating very often and have to eat very slowly. One day something that I feel great after eating becomes quite the opposite the next day. Which leads me to question, "Is ______ my friend or foe?" It makes eating quite difficult as once I get sick off something, I don't want to eat it again. I also fear that each thing will make me sick and wonder if eating is even worth it. I know I must eat because I am going to have to to grow these babies, but it is definitely not the fun it used to be. I am praying that come the 2nd trimester I can enjoy eating, gain some weight, and not be a sicky all the time.

Babies Bump 9 Weeks

Here is my Babies Bump at 9 weeks. Enjoy :)

Ode to My Awesome Husband

With Lee's birthday coming up tomorrow, I decided that I would write a blog post in his honor. I wanted to write something about how awesome he has been during this pregnancy, but the truth is, he is awesome everyday. So here goes.

When I met Lee I was 18 years old, had just graduated highschool (literally the day before), was wide-eyed and immature, and had no clue what I wanted to do with my life. He was 20, in college at NC State working on a double major and master's degree in engineering, was mature, hardworking, and knew exactly what he wanted out of life. I was completely drawn to him. To be honest, I had never met anyone like him. He brought out the best in me, making me want to work hard in school, helping me find direction, and to be honest, helping me to grow up. I owe so much of my confidence, security, and ability to finish things that I start to him.

The first two years of our relationship we dated long-distance (year one - me in Boone, him in Raleigh, year two - me in Greensboro, him in Raleigh). Most people told us that "long-distance relationships never work because one person (or both) eventually cheats or gets tired of it." Well fortunately for Lee and I, we didn't care what other people thought. We were 100% committed to each other from the day we officially started dating. We spent our weeks focusing on school, talking an hour each day on the phone, and some of our weekends in the same town as each other going on dates. It wasn't easy, but we both loved each other and trusted each other so much, that it was worth it.

When we got engaged, it was one of the most exciting experiences of my life. I knew I wanted to spend my whole life with Lee. I knew he felt the exact same way. Two weeks after we got engaged, I surrendered my life and he re-committed his life to Jesus. I am so thankful that we did this before we got married. I know we would have stuck together, but by both being Christians, we committed our marriage to Christ and had that as our foundation from day one.

The day I married Lee was one of the best days of my life. I knew when we said "I do" it meant more than just words. It was a complete commitment to one another and to God that whatever came our way, through God's strength and wisdom and our conviction to be together, we would work through it and be a stronger couple for it.

We've been married almost 6 years, been through our ups and downs, experienced joys and disappointments, had a child together and have two more on the way, gone from small, less-than-awesome apartment to bigger, awesome house, and everyday I am more and more amazed that God blessed me with this man.

Lee has such a strong character. He is a hardworker and never complains about his job, but is thankful that he is able to provide for his family. He is tenacious and never gives up no matter how hard something gets. He is the best family man I have ever met, spending time with Luke and I everyday and loving every minute of watching his family grow. He is so selfless, doing for others without thinking of what he will get in return. He takes his commitments seriously and does what he says he will do. He loves the Lord, me, Luke, his future children, family, and friends. He is the greatest person I have ever known and I look forward to spending the rest of my days with him as my husband, partner, and friend.

***During My Pregnancy Thankfulness***
Since I have been pregnant and had all the symptoms that go along with it, Lee hasn't complained once about the messiness of the house, the lack of home-cooked meals, or about having to do things he normally doesn't have to do. He just picks up the slack, picks up dinner, and picks me up when I feel awful. He takes his vow of "in sickness and in health" seriously. I am forever grateful to have him during this (and every other) time of my life.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Nursery Ideas - Boy/Girl

Here are my nursery ideas for 1 boy and 1 girl. What do you think? Vote in the poll.

SET #1

Baby Noah (Babies R Us) for the boy

Baby Grace (Babies R Us) for the girl

SET #2
Soft 'n Fuzzy Pooh (Babies R Us) for the boy

Girl's Winnie the Pooh (Babies R Us) for the girl
SET #3
Heads or Tails (Babies R Us) for both

Nursery Ideas - Boy/Boy

Here are my nursery ideas for 2 boys. What do you think?
Vote in the poll.

#1 - On the Move (Babies R Us)

#2 - Heads or Tails (Babies R Us)

#3 - Jungle Play (Babies R Us)#4 - Baby Noah (Babies R Us)

#5 - Soft 'n Funny Pooh (Babies R Us)

Nursery Ideas - Girl/Girl

Here are my nursery ideas for 2 girls. What do you think?
Vote in the poll.

#1 - Lavender Butterfly (Babies R Us)

#2 - Sugar Plum (Babies R Us)

#3 - Baby Grace (Babies R Us)

#4 - Girl's Winnie the Pooh (Babies R Us)

Frequently Asked Questions

My friends who are parents of twins and all the books I have read so far are very right, when you are pregnant with twins you get lots and lots of questions. I don't mind the questions so far as I think they mostly come out of not knowing a lot about twins and just curiosity about twins and how we are planning to run our lives after they are born. Trust me, they are a lot of questions I asked myself also at first.

Here are the frequently asked questions:

1) Do twins run in your family?
I get this question pretty much everytime I tell people we are expecting twins. After we found out, I found out that there have been 4 sets of fraternal twins (which are the only ones genetically determined - identical are not genetically determined, they just happen randomly) in my mom's extended family. My maternal grandfather had two sets of twin siblings and of his 8 brothers and sisters, two of the grandchildren (my generation) had twins. So, I guess it is genetic. Also, I have read that overweight women (which I am right now) can potentially release two eggs (how you get fraternal twins).

2) Are they identical or fraternal?
I really think they are fraternal. They are in individual sacs with a thick membrane between which is a big hint that they should be fraternal (not always, but generally). I am guessing this also with my genetics. If one is a boy and one is a girl we will know for sure (as you can't be identical twins and different sexes). Until they are born, we might not know 100% and I have even heard of cases where people still don't know for sure even when they are born.

3) Do you have a preference of the genders?
Lee and I both are very non-caring of what genders our children are. We know that God gives us the family He wants for us and whether that be 1 boy and two girls, 2 boys and 1 girl, or all boys after the twins are born, we are fine with anything. I do have a strong feeling at least 1 will be a girl, but it is hard to know for sure with twins as a lot of what I am experiencing is because they are twins.

4) Will you find out the genders?
If they cooperate, yes. We are both major planners (in case you couldn't tell) and we want to do as much gender-specific things as possible. I don't want the babies to be wearing or living in green and yellow all the time.

5) Do you have any names picked out?
We have two solid girls' names - Alexis Faith and Anna Grace
We are still working on boys' names - Nathan Elijah (like a lot), Owen Isaiah (???), Ben _____ (???) - open to ideas (we want at least one name to be Biblical)

6) Will you still send Luke to preschool in the Fall?
Yes. We thought about it a lot, especially the financial aspect since preschool is $165 a month and we are adding two mouths to feed and two bottoms to change 8-10 times a day, but we figured out that if we didn't send him, he would be sitting at home bored a lot. We think it will be great for him to have interaction and something separate from the twins 9 hours a week. Lee will be driving him and I (or whoever is staying with me the first few weeks) will pick him up.

7) Will you still homeschool Luke next year?
Yes. Our reasons for homeschooling are very strong and they aren't going to change just for my convenience. In case people are wondering what the reasons are, 1) I don't want Luke indoctrinated from 5 years old with the things they teach in public school until he has a really strong understanding of Biblical truths so that he can discern for himself truth vs lies, 2) I don't think 7 hours away from home is necessary for kindergarten when we can accomplish the same (or more) in 2-3 hours, 3) I want to spend time with Luke molding him into a Godly boy, and 4) I really want him to be a part of his siblings lives and if he goes to school all day he won't be. I don't mean to sound harsh, but a lot of people have given me the impression that all of my previous plans will change just because we are having two babies. I am very solid in my view of homeschooling and even though I know it will be challenging with two little ones, it is not impossible. With God, all things are possible. Plus, God has called me to homeschool and unless He "uncalls" me, I am going with it.

8) Will you breastfeed the babies or use formula?
My hope, prayer, and plan is to breastfeed the babies. I have been learning all sorts of tips from friends and books on how to "tandem nurse" (nurse them both at the same time). My theory is I want to do for both what I did for one. I am also a realist and realize that it might not go perfectly and I might not be able to do it a year (I only nursed Luke for 3 months), but I am going to give it all that I have to give them the best start possible.

9) Will you schedule the babies like you scheduled Luke?
Background: We followed BabyWise with Luke and he did beautifully with it. He ate and slept like an all-star. He was sleeping 8 hours straight at 8 weeks and 12 hours straight at 12 weeks and has always been a great sleeper (including naps).
Again, my hope, prayer, and plan is to schedule the babies. I have been learning all sorts of tips from friends and books on how to feed them at the same time, have them play at the same time, and have them sleep at the same time. Otherwise, my life will be totally consumed by just the basics of the twins all day and all night and I have other commitments (Lee, Luke, household duties, and hopefully a little time to myself). Again, I want to do for two what I did for one. Again, I realize it might not go perfectly and may take more time and effort, but I am going to do my best to get them on the same schedule ASAP to make life better for everyone.

10) How will you set up your house for two babies?
Background: We bought a 5-bedroom house last year so we have lots of room. We are currently using the master bedroom, Luke has a bedroom, our office is in a bedroom, the nursery is set up in a bedroom, and the guest room is set up in a bedroom. We also have a living room on the first floor and a playroom on the third floor.
We are planning to use a pack-n-play with a built-in changing table and bassinet feature in our bedroom where the babies will sleep together for a couple months. We will also set another pack-n-play (same model) up downstairs in the living room so we don't live in the master bedroom. Their nursery will have two cribs, a changing table, armoire, and glider for when they move into their own cribs. Around the house we are going to place various baby holders/entertainers (bouncy seats, swings, Bumbos, exersaucers, blankets with soft toys) so they can have something to do (and somewhere for me to put them down) everywhere. Eventually we might put them in separate rooms if they want.

11) Are you going to have more kids?
Background: Lee and I always wanted 3-4 kids (leaning more towards 4 kids).
For now, we aren't going to decide as we both believe that God should lead that decision.

Those are the FAQs for now. I will share more as they come. If you have a question you would like me to answer, please comment or email me ( I am always happy to answer any questions people might have.

One Day of Not Being Sick All Day

Well after much prayer that I would not feel sick all day on Easter Sunday (since we were travelling to Goldsboro for the day and I didn't want to not enjoy myself), I was actually pretty good yesterday. Not only that but I was able to finally eat and not be repulsed or full after 30 seconds. It was sooooo nice. I was able to eat a ham, egg, and cheese croissant for breakfast, BBQ, mashed potatoes, and veggies for lunch, and 1 1/2 hotdogs, baked beans, and dessert for dinner. YAY for a good appetite and not getting sick. Unfortunately when I got home I was hungry (WOW!) and still needed to take my prenatal vitamin. I felt sick the minute I ate and got completely sick (if you know what I mean). It wasn't fun, but I went right to sleep and woke up feeling pretty good this morning. All in all, it was nice not to have that nauseous feeling all day and to be able to actually eat. I am praying that this continues. I have a couple more weeks of the first trimester, but I am really okay with outgrowing those first trimester symptoms early ;)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Twins Twins Everywhere

So in the 9 days since we found out we are having twins, I swear I see or hear about twins everywhere. Today at Bojangles Luke was talking to a little boy and his mom said he had a twin sister. Last night at Red Robin we saw a set of twins and at Kohls we saw another set of twins. We were reading one of Luke's books and he requested the story about Bill and Ben (twins). I met a lady at the park the day we found out that had a set of 5 year old twin girls. It's so weird.

I equate it to buying a new car and then seeing the same car everywhere you go. They were always there, you just didn't notice.

It's just really funny that we are seeing twins everywhere. I wonder when we have our "baby twins" (that's what Luke calls them) will people notice us. It would be nice to not be overly noticed, but I have already been warned by my friend who has twins and every book I have read that twins are "ooooed and aaaahed" over and you get a million questions. I guess I better prepare myself ;)

9 Week Survey

How Far Along? 9 weeks

Maternity Clothes? Yes, I look a few months already

Stretch Marks? My past stretch marks are more obvious again

Sleep? Sleep is very important to me now. I sometimes feel like I could sleep 12 hours at a time. I get up a lot at night to go to the bathroom so I feel like that messes up my sleep a little. I sometimes take a nap in the afternoon. I am getting lots of rest either way.

Best Moment of the Week? I had a dream about the babies this week. I chronicled it a few posts back.

Genders? We won't know for a couple of months, but I have a strong feeling at least one is a girl still, if not both. I won't know for sure as my hormone levels are so high that it is throwing off my ability to guess.

Belly Button In or Out? In

Cravings? Water, Pineapple, Oranges, Lemonade, Pretzels, French Fries, Mashed Potatoes, Pickles

Aversions? Milk, Most dairy products, Peanut Butter, Fish, Sweets

What I Miss? Feeling normal ;) I have been really sick this week and my uterus feels like it is growing all the time. I am hoping to feel better after the first trimester, even if I grow into Shamu.

What I Am Looking Forward to This Week? Spending Resurrection Sunday/Easter with Lee's family, growing the babies, and working on plans for the babies.

Milestones? Not really any specifics, but we are about 1/4th of the way there.

Feeling the Babies Move? I know that I shouldn't be feeling it (at least with a singleton you shouldn't this early), but I swear I feel flutters. It could just be something else. I can't wait to feel them moving around in there.

Other Thoughts? I am over my anxiety about something happening to one or both. Thanks for the prayers.

Prayer Requests? Just continue to pray for my health and the health of the babies. Please also pray that I can get over this sickness and enjoy eating and growing the babies more. Also pray that we can agree on details and get things planned ahead of time. Thanks!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Crazy Hormones and a Craving

Well, the hormones are out of control. I had a yucky day. It started when I threw up everything I ate for breakfast. Never a good start to the day. Nothing really made me feel better so I rested all day. I got a craving for cheese fries. I have no clue why, but they sounded tasty but most importantly edible. So, I called my awesome husband to get them. Of course, being the sweetie he is, he agreed. I reminded him twice, "Check for ranch." I can't eat them without ranch. I told the guy on the phone also. Well, Lee got home with the cheese fries and I look inside and there is no ranch. I immediately started freaking out and crying. Then he says, "April Fool's". I normally would have found humor in the situation, but 1) I am pregnant, 2) I have a million hormones, and 3) you don't mess with a pregnant woman's food. He felt pretty bad about it. It ended well, I got my ranch, but I told him he was a big meany. Yes, those are my adult words. ;) I don't think he will be messing with me anymore and I think he will take my pregnancy hormones and cravings pretty seriously from now on. The many fun things about pregnancy. I hope the babies liked the cheese fries.

Babies Poll

I am sure that you saw that I put up a poll to guess the babies' genders. I don't want to sway your opinions, but I have a strong feeling at least one will be a baby girl. No, it's not because I want girls more than boys. I would be completely happy with two boys as I think boys are a great blessing and I (sort of) know how to handle them. ;) I just have had a strong feeling that it would be a girl before I knew that it was twins and now I feel like at least one will be a girl. Please vote. We should find out the genders near the end of May.

Baby Dreamin'

Well, last night I had my first baby dream for this pregnancy. I have been having weird dreams since I found out that I was pregnant, just like I did with Luke. I finally had a great dream.

Here's how it went:
I was pretty pregnant (I didn't look as big as I think I will by the end). I saw a calendar and was counting the days. There were about 5 days until my due date of October 15th. October 15th isn't set in stone, but it is my 37 week mark and that is the time they usually plan a c-section with twins. So, I have the babies. It doesn't seem too bad (which is definitely a dream because having a couple of babies pulled out of your tummy via an incision won't be a walk in the park). Then comes the best part...I see them. They are beautiful and they look exactly the same. They have perfect noses, sweet mouths, beautiful eyes, some hair, and are just so precious. Then I find out that one is a boy and one is a girl.

I woke up so filled with love and happiness. I don't know if this dream means anything as I think in our subconscious we have thoughts that fester and come out in our dreams. It tells me that I believe they will be born between October 10th (the date a lot of people like 10/10/10) and October 15th (the 37 week mark). It tells me I believe that the delivery shouldn't be too bad as it will at least be a planned thing and I won't have 26 hours of labor first. It tells me I might believe there will be one of each (or my sister is impacting my mind because that's what she thinks they will be). I have been really hoping they look alike, not exactly, but a lot alike. I would love for them to look like Luke as he was the most beautiful thing in the world.

Even if this dream is just a dream, it was really nice and I wanted to chronicle and share it. I pray I continue to have these great dreams and not anything bad.