Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Incredible Expanding Woman

"The Incredible Expanding Woman" will be appearing this Fall at a local fair near you. That woman is me apparantly. ;) Today when I was checking out at Harris Teeter the cashier asked me, "When are you due?" (implying that it must be pretty soon) I said, "November 5th." She said, "Oh." (it was more like WOW!!!!!) I told her it was twins. She went on to ask the normal twin questions. I guess I am a lot bigger than I thought. Luke let me know that last night when he said, "Mommy you are fat." Such a charmer. I told him that it would be nicer to say, "Mommy your beautiful pregnant belly is getting bigger." ;)

I still have 16 weeks (give or take) to go and I really can't imagine how big my tummy is going to be. I seem to eat more everyday and did most of my growing with Luke from 20 weeks on. By the Fall Lee and Luke could charge admission for viewings of "The Incredible Expanding Woman." ;) Maybe they can enter me as an attraction at the NC State Fair.


  1. i remember those days... by the end my belly was literally a shelf. a small child could stand under it. i'm not joking.

  2. That's funny (and scary) Sarah. :)