Friday, July 9, 2010

23 Week Survey

How Far Along? 23 weeks

Maternity Clothes? The things that I bought a month or so ago are slowly getting tighter. I am praying I can find stuff for the duration. Otherwise I will be staying at home with a mumu on. ;)

Stretch Marks? Not really, just a few and I think they are from last time.

Sleep? It's getting harder to sleep as I get uncomfortable really easily. I am sleeping a little later to make up for it.

Best Moment of the Week? Feeling the babies so much. They have a lot of room right now so I can feel them even more.

Genders? Baby A is a boy (Nathan Reid) and Baby B is a girl (Alexis Faith). I am excited to have one of each. It's going to be fun to get to have two different genders, personalities, and sets of likes/dislikes. I get another sweet boy and a little princess to spoil.

Belly Button In or Out? It's officially starting to appear to be out.

Cravings? Water, milk, apples, bananas, orange juice, smoothies, yogurt, eggs, Raisin Bran, hearty meals.

What I Miss? Comfort and being able to do things I normally do.

What I Love? Growing two miracles. Knowing they are getting bigger everyday. Feeling their movements so much.

What I Am Looking Forward to This Week? Growing the babies. Resting and eating. The Howell Family Reunion Sunday. It will be fun to see family. Continuing to get things ready for the babies. Technically it's not this week, but next Friday (16th), I have another big ultrasound. I can't wait to see the babies again, see how big they are, see/hear their heartbeats, and maybe be able to tell more what they look like.

Milestones? Not a specific milestone, but I think the babies are over a pound each now (could be more).

Feeling the Babies Move? Let's just say I know what those bouncy houses feel like ;)

Other Thoughts? I am really excited that things are going so well and that I will meet my babies in roughly 14 weeks. We have a lot of fun things to look forward to this next month. Next Friday (16th) we get another big ultrasound. The next Friday (23rd) I get a checkup and we get an in-office ultrasound. That weekend, Lee and my mom are going to paint and decorate the nursery. The next weekend, I am having two of my showers. It will be fun having everything ready and waiting for the babies by the beginning of the 3rd trimester (my goal from the day we found out it was twins). It will be nice to have things done just in case I was to go on bedrest or be too big to do stuff or the babies decide to come a little earlier than 37 weeks. Of course I am praying for smooth sailing until 37/38 weeks.

Prayer Requests? Please just continue to pray for a healthy and safe pregnancy with no complications for me, that the babies grow and develop and stay in until full-term, that I will have a great delivery and recovery, and that we will adjust well to having two newborns and an almost 5 year old. More specifically please pray that no matter what happens and/or how uncomfortable I get, that I keep a good attitude, don't take frustration out on anyone, and remember most importantly to focus on Christ.

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." - Phil 4:13

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