Thursday, July 29, 2010

Nursery Update #1

Last weekend, my awesome mom and husband painted the nursery, setup the cribs, put the bedding sets in the cribs, and put the furniture where it is going. We went from a beigy color (whatever we picked for the whole house) to a light green. The color matched the green color in both of their bedding sets perfectly. It turned out awesome! Here are some pictures of the process.

Lee taping off the room - he is so thorough - we didn't have any mess-ups.

My sweet husband - every woman should have a husband like him.

My sweet little boy - a mom's dream.

My mom and Lee getting the room ready to paint - I am so thankful for her. She will do anything for anybody, especially her kids/grandkids.

The new green walls.

Another view of the new green walls.

Another picture of the new green walls.

My mom getting the valences ready to go up.

Lee pulling down the tape.

Alexis' crib and the armoire.

A great view of their nice natural light.

Both of their cribs.

Alexis' crib.

A close-up of Alexis' crib.

Nathan's crib.

A close-up of Nathan's crib.

Luke with Alexis' crib.

Luke with Nathan's crib.

Momma with the babies' cribs.

I love the way everything turned out. We are going to be hanging the valences and putting up letters for their names soon. We are also going to do some more decorations as we find stuff that will go with their room. I would love to find some cute wall art that coordinates with either or both to go over the changing table. We'll see what I can find. Either way I love it already.

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