Friday, July 23, 2010

25 Week Doctor's Appointment and Ultrasound

Today I went for my 25 week doctor's appointment and ultrasound. Yes, I just had an ultrasound last week, but that was at the hospital with an ultrasound specialist. They do more when you have twins or are high-risk. It's fun to get to see them so much.

Well, everything was better than perfect. They looked great. Nathan gained 5oz since last week and weighed 1lb 13oz. He had a heartbeat of 130. Alexis gained 4oz since last week and weighed 1lb 14oz. She had a heartbeat of 140. So they both almost weigh 2 pounds. The best part is that they are measuring 6 and 9 days ahead of their due date (based on singletons). We got some great profile pics and some decent ones of them from the front. The first two are of Alexis (first - front, second - profile) and the second two are of Nathan (first - front, second - profile).

After the ultrasound, we had a regular checkup which was really more of a question and answer session since they had done an ultrasound and didn't need to measure my stomach and had already checked the heartbeats. I got weighed (gained 8 pounds for a total of 20) and had my blood pressure taken (perfect). Then we talked about things.

During my ultrasound they checked my cervix and it was almost 5cm thick/long which is better than perfect she said. She actually said, "I wish our singletons were that good." Basically it's a great indicator of pre-term labor risk, so I have very very very low risk. That is great news as I do not want to go on bedrest or have the babies early.

We discussed how I should take care of myself. I need to start taking 2000 units a day of Vitamin D to keep my risk of pre-term labor down, keep taking my prenatal vitamin, drink 120 oz a day of water, stay out of the heat (minus being in the pool), not do any lifting, rest, eat good, and just in general relax. All of those things sound good to me.

We discussed travel and she said I could probably go to the beach one more time in a few weeks but I had to come in and be checked first. After that I am on restriction which is fine since we figured I wouldn't want to travel anyways.

She told me that if everything keeps going the way it is going, my blood pressure stays good, and the babies keep growing (ie are doing better in there than they would do outside), there is no reason I can't go to 37 or even 38 weeks. I am praying I can do that and I think if I do we are going to have some nice-sized babies. I am thrilled!

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