Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ice Ice Baby

So the inevitable is back. I LOVE ICE!!! When I was pregnant with Luke I would get glasses of ice and chomp on it. Yes, Lee loved it. ;) The weird thing is I don't like ice. I get all of my drinks (even water and tea) without ice. But apparantly when I am pregnant chomping on ice is necessary. The babies go crazy when they feel that cold I suppose. They don't stop moving. It's really funny. I wonder why ice and pregnancy go together so well. It's kind of like pickles or salt and vinegar chips. Anyone know?


  1. LOW IRON... I do the same thing... I'm truly addicted to ice when I'm pregnant...

  2. Interesting. That's funny. I wondered if it was a common thing since it has happened both times. I also am addicted to milk (products) right now. I can't get enough dairy, protein, and ice. I guess those are good things for the babies.