Sunday, July 18, 2010

I Must Be Getting Pretty Big

I know I am getting bigger every minute, but I must be officially big.

Last night at Kohl's this girl that was checking me out asked, "Are you due soon?" By her tone I could tell she thought I was going to pop right there. It didn't bother me as I am 6 months with twins which probably looks like 8-9 months with a singleton for some (shoot some don't get as big as I am with one). I said, "I am having twins and am due in 3 months, but I could see why you would think I am full-term with one. I am big." We all laughed and I waddled out. ;)

A couple of nights ago Luke told me I was becoming a big fat woman. We discussed the proper way to word things when you are talking to a pregnant woman, but it did make me laugh as in his mind I am getting pretty fat. Again, it didn't bother me as I know kids say whatever thoughts pop in their mind.

Today at church a sweet older lady said, "I believe you are getting pretty fat." It was hillarious to me. She meant it all out of love and I know what she meant. Again, it didn't bother me as I knew what she meant.

I am enjoying eating and growing two healthy, above average weight babies and if I have to have a gigantic belly then so be it. I have already been thinking about how much weight I am going to have to lose and how I am going to do it, so I am not really worried. I am just "enjoying" the comments. ;)

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