Friday, July 16, 2010

24 Week Survey

How Far Along? 24 Weeks

Maternity Clothes? Yes, I think I am going to outgrow the current wardrobe.

Stretch Marks? Not really, pretty light, and probably from Luke.

Sleep? More tired. Need more sleep. Some nights are better than others, but I wake up at least a few times to go to the bathroom or get comfy.

Best Moment of the Week? Seeing the babies today at the ultrasound.

Genders? Baby A is a boy, Nathan Reid, and Baby B is a girl, Alexis Faith. :)

Belly Button In or Out? Coming out. ;)

Cravings? Water, apples, bananas, grapes, watermelon, smoothies, milk, yogurt, eggs, mac-n-cheese, pizza, onion rings, cheese fries, and pretty much anything hearty that I normally like.

What I Miss? Comfort. Going at my usual pace.

What I Love? Growing two precious babies, feeling them move, and spending all the time I can with Luke before the babies come.

What I Am Looking Forward to This Week? Getting stuff ready to paint and decorate their nursery next weekend. Growing the babies. Eating, resting, and having fun with Luke.

Milestones? TODAY IS THE DAY OF VIABILITY. When you hit 24 weeks your babies' chances of survival are really high. ***NOT THAT I BELIEVE THEY WILL BE COMING ANYTIME SOON, IT'S JUST NICE TO KNOW*** Also, we are 2/3s of the way there and have 3 months to go. It's getting close.

Feeling the Babies Move? Yes, Alexis makes my tummy bounce. I can feel Nathan, but I don't think he is as active as Alexis. She is going to have to be active and fiesty to keep up with two older brothers.

Other Thoughts? I am just so thankful to have made it this far with no problems. Although I am getting bigger and more uncomfortable each day, it's more than worth it for these two miracles I am growing.

Prayer Requests? Please just continue to pray for my health and safety during the pregnancy, for the babies to continue to grow and develop, for me to be able to stay pregnant until full-term, for a safe and healthy delivery and recovery, and for an awesome transition to having the babies.

It's been a great 24 weeks and I am really looking forward to the next [hopefully] 12+ weeks.

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