Friday, July 30, 2010

26 Week Survey

How Far Along? 26 weeks

Maternity Clothes? Yes. Thank God I found a place (Destination Maternity) that carries cute stuff for all sizes. I am hoping to be able to fit into cute maternity clothes and not mumus the rest of the time. ;)

Stretch Marks? Not really. Just previous ones so far I believe.

Sleep? This week was actually really good as I think Nathan came back up some and took pressure off areas that caused me sleep challenges. Now that I know exactly how to use my pillow and body pillow together, I get pretty good sleep. I do get up about every 3 hours to go to the bathroom and switch to the other side.

Best Moment of the Week? Seeing them again on the ultrasound last week and seeing how healthy and hearty (they are at least a week above average each) they are. Also, learning my cervix is as good as it can be (5cm long and very thick) so my chances of pre-term labor right now are really, really low. That makes me thrilled as I really want full-term, take-home babies. Another great moment was getting the nursery painted and the cribs and furniture set up and their bedding put in their cribs. It looks precious.

Genders? Still one boy (Baby A) and one girl (Baby B) ;) We triple checked this time and they were still the same. I am really excited to have one of each. It is fun having pink and blue stuff and knowing they will be so different from one another yet twins and have that unique bond.

Belly Button In or Out? Usually out but sometimes goes a little in.

Cravings? Water, ice, apples, bananas, peaches, grapes, milk, yogurt, cheese, smoothies, veggies, hearty meals, onion rings, bacon cheese fries with homemade ranch dressing.

What I Miss? Being able to do what I normally do without exhaustion. Sleeping through the night (good thing I am getting used to getting up as I will be getting up more and for longer periods of time when they come). Laying on my stomach.

What I Love? Growing two healthy babies. Feeling them kick, punch, flip, move. It's the neatest thing. Eating, sleeping, and resting without guilt. Having Lee help me and treat me like a princess.

What I Am Looking Forward to This Week? I have two baby showers this weekend that I am super excited about. I have a Date Night at The Melting Pot with Lee tomorrow night. It will be fun to go to a nice, long, quiet dinner and eat some yummy food together. My brother and his girlfriend are coming to Raleigh so we are having lunch with them Sunday. I am also looking forward to getting things setup and ready for the babies more. Growing the babies. Eating, resting, and enjoying time with my boys.

Milestones? 26 weeks!!! This was the week in my mind that I really was looking forward to getting to. It means we are over 2/3 of the way there and that IF the babies were born they would have at least an 80% chance of survival (compared to 50% at 25 weeks). Obviously I am believing they will be in there for 11 more weeks and come out perfectly healthy and fully grown, but it is nice knowing that there is a lot they can do for them even at this point.

Feeling the Babies Move? Oh yes. They are quite active. It's fun when they both start going. I think they are having boxing matches in there at times. Alexis tends to move more when I sit with my feet up and recline back a bit and Nathan tends to move more when I lay on either side. They both move other times, but those are the key movement times.

Other Thoughts? I am just so thankful that things are going so well and that it looks like they should continue until full-term. I am hoping we can make it to our scheduled c-section date (which is looking to be around October 15th-22nd) with no problems. I really think if we do the babies should be at least 6 pounds, and maybe even 7 each. It would be awesome. I know God has it all in His hands and will work it out according to His perfect plan and purpose. I also know that by depending on Him, we can get through everything that comes our way.

Prayer Requests? Please just continue to pray for my health and safety during the pregnancy, that the babies will continue to grow and develop properly, that we can make it to 37 weeks with no problems, for a safe delivery and recovery, for healthy, good-sized babies, and a smooth (as smooth as possible) transition when we get them home. Thanks!


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