Monday, August 2, 2010

Differences Between This Pregnancy and My Pregnancy with Luke

I have noticed so many differences in this pregnancy and my pregnancy with Luke and I thought that I would journal it so I could remember. That way when my kids ask me stuff, I will remember.

#1 - One Baby vs Two Babies
Well the most obvious difference is that there is one more baby this time. It's a huge difference. I am growing two precious miracles instead of just one and my body knows it.

#2 - Size and Proportion
My stomach is a lot bigger this time, but I haven't gained any weight much anywhere else (well my pants still fit from 8 weeks and I think my arms are pretty much the same). With Luke I gained more all over I think.

#3 - Weight Gain
Oddly enough I have gained less this time than I did with Luke. Even though I am growing two babies, I am very aware of what I am eating. The biggest reasons are because I gained way too much (and not the right way) with Luke and because once I knew there were two I figured I better make my choices good since I would probably eat more quantity-wise.

#4 - Food Preferences/Aversions
With Luke, I couldn't eat a lot of things, the main things being fish and chicken. That limited my choices to a lot of red meat things. This time I can eat pretty much anything (and do ;)) including fish (in fact I crave tuna fish sandwiches). I ate a lot of fast food with Luke and I really don't enjoy it this time. I drank more caffeine-free soda and less water with Luke. This time, I barely drink anything but water. I drink at least 10-12 glasses of water (if not more) each day. I think that is helping with the weight gain also.

#5 - Pressure/Pain
With Luke, I was totally fine and comfy until about the 8th month. This time the discomfort came really early (like around 15 weeks). Sometimes I feel fine and other times I can barely walk due to pelvic pressure or joint pain. It's really different.

#6 - Morning Sickness
With Luke, I had zero morning sickness. I felt great minus my food aversions which pretty much stayed the duration. This time, I had morning sickness from before 4 weeks until roughly 12 weeks. It was not fun and I don't miss it. ;)

#7 - Fear/Worry/Anxiety
Ironically I wasn't worried at all when I was pregnant with Luke. I didn't know very much about being pregnant/what could go wrong so I enjoyed every second of my pregnancy and had no worries. When he was born, I wasn't really worried about how we would do things. It wasn't easy obviously, but we figured it out. This time, I was worried from the day I got the positive that I might miscarry (since I did last Fall) and I can remember feeling so relieved when we got to the 8 week ultrasound and saw a healthy baby. Then when we saw two, the worry came back. I had heard about losing one twin (vanishing twin syndrome) between 8 and 12 weeks. I was so relieved at 12 weeks that they were perfectly healthy. I have worried about pre-term labor and bedrest (things I never even considered with Luke) until my 25 week checkup (I am doing better than most singleton moms). I have worried about the transition with them at home (how will we handle everything logistically) to how will we afford everything (possibly formula, baby food, diapers, and wipes). It's crazy I know as the Bible says, "Do not be afraid/do not worry" a ton, but it is easy to get worked up. I know God is in control and He will provide, but when I let myself get too carnal, I can worry.

I'm sure there are more differences, but these are the ones I have noticed the most. It's been so different, but really exciting.

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