Friday, August 27, 2010

30 Week Survey

How Far Along? 30 weeks

Maternity Clothes? Yes. I am outgrowing what I currently have, so Lee and I are off to Destination Maternity this weekend for bigger sizes. I am hoping to find some comfy dresses as they are better than pants/shirts for comfort. I am also hoping to find find some nightgowns, a robe, and some things for after the babies are born to wear around the house to be comfy yet covered well.

Stretch Marks? Yes, there are some. They are reddish and itch like crazy. I am hoping they fade down the road. If not, they are a great reminder of what my body has gone through to bring two babies into the world. I will wear them proudly.

Sleep? Yes, I am more tired. Some days I feel like taking a nap. I actually tried to but got uncomfy and couldn't nap for more than 40 minutes. I go to bed earlier. I don't sleep as good though. I toss and turn and my hips, back, and stomach ache. Lee massages me every night and that definitely helps, but I am getting massive and just can't stay comfy in one position too long. I did sleep about 10 hours last night but got up so much it felt like less than 8.

Best Moment of the Week? Getting the co-sleeper. It makes it so much more real that we are going to have two little babies in our bedroom soon. I am a little nervous because it makes me realize that the sleep I am getting now should be cherished because soon I won't be getting more than a couple of hours at a time.

Genders? Baby A is a boy (Nathan Reid) and Baby B is a girl (Alexis Faith). I can't wait to meet my precious baby boy and girl. Luke is getting really excited. He loves looking at all of their stuff and says, "That's so cute," all the time.

Belly Button In or Out? Out and really sensitive.

Cravings? Good - water, ice, apples, milk, hearty meals; Bad - bacon cheese fries with homemade ranch dressing, pizza

What I Miss? Being comfortable. Being able to lay down and get up without aches and pains. Being able to do stuff for more than 15 minutes without exhaustion. Being able to bend over.

What I Love? Growing two babies. Feeling them move all the time. Getting closer to meeting our precious babies.

What I Am Looking Forward to This Week? Finishing the nursery, cleaning out the van and putting the carseats and stroller in, putting the co-sleeper together and getting everything setup in our bedroom for the babies, packing our bags for the hospital (JIC), my 30 week doctor's appointment on Monday (hoping to see the babies on an u/s), and growing the babies (eating, sleeping, and resting).

Milestones? Hitting 30 weeks. For some reason in my mind 30 weeks feels really close compared to 20 something.

Feeling the Babies Move? Oh yeah. Alexis is a wild woman. Nathan moves when I lay on my side. It's really neat feeling them. Sometimes it is tight and hurts, but it is worth it to feel them and know they are growing and healthy and strong.

Other Thoughts? I am just really getting excited more and more each day. With the excitement also comes some nervousness. I have to give it to God all the time. I truly believe everything will work out great and am so thankful for all of the prayers, thoughts, and nice things people have done for us.

Prayer Requests? Please just continue to pray for a safe and healthy rest of the pregnancy, that we are able to make it full term (36-38 weeks), for a safe delivery, a great recovery, and for a smooth transition to having the babies home. I also ask for prayers that I can deal with all the aches, pains, and discomfort for the duration and stay positive. Thanks!

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