Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Welcome to the 3rd Trimester - Here are Your New Symptoms

Well on Friday I hit the 3rd trimester. It's almost like leaving the 1st trimester for the 2nd in that my symptoms went completely away and I felt pretty good except the reverse. It was almost as sudden as the minute the clock struck 12:00 that all the new fun symptoms came.

Here are the symptoms that have kicked in thus far:

- HEARTBURN - I have only had to deal with a smidge of heartburn a couple of times so far, but since Friday I have had it constantly and painfully. No matter what I eat (or don't eat), drink (or don't drink), and/or do (or don't do), it doesn't help. It's awful. I am praying it is just a temporary thing and doesn't last the next 9 1/2 weeks. I guess TUMS will become my best friend now.

- NAUSEA - With the heartburn has come nausea. It's very strange as I haven't felt nauseous since week 12. I don't know if my stomach hurts or if it is just the intensity of the heartburn that makes me feel nauseous. Again, nothing I eat or drinks makes it worse. It just seems to be a continuous thing.

- BATHROOM YUCKINESS - I won't go into details as I know no one wants to read about it, but I think my stomach is so pushed on and is losing the battle for space with my giant uterus, so I am having a host of bathroom issues.

- MORE TIRED/WORN OUT - I think that my size is really catching up to me. My stomach feels huge and I think carrying it around it a full-time workout. I am pure worn out at night. Pretty much anytime I lay down I will fall asleep even if I get a full night's sleep.

- APPETITE CHANGES - I go from not wanting to eat much of anything to wanting to eat everything in my reach. Sometimes I can barely eat a small snack and other times I feel like I could eat 1/2 a cow and keep going. It's so weird. I make myself eat at least a little bit every couple of hours to keep my metabolism going and not get into starvation mode. I know that not eating for hours and then eating a huge amount of food causes massive weight gain which I am trying to avoid.

- MOOD SWINGS - Of course all women (especially pregnant women) are hormonal, but I think now that I am getting so big, uncomfortable, and closing in on the end (with the myriad of concerns that keep popping up), the mood swings are more frequent and up and down. I can cry over pretty much anything and unfortunately can get upset with others very easily. I need prayer that I can stay in control of my emotions and frustrations.

So far this is what is going on. I understand that these things are part of the process. While they are not fun (for myself or others to deal with at times), they are immensely worth it. I would go through anything I had to for these babies. Every mom understands that. The joy and blessing that is coming far outweighs any ache, pain, discomfort, or frustration. The great thing is that the Good Lord magically helps us to forget all of it (even the painful labor). If you don't forget it, at least you can look at your beautiful child every day and know it was all worth it. :)

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