Friday, August 6, 2010

2nd Trimester Review

Well, it's been a long 14 weeks (the longest trimester of pregnancy), but it's been really awesome. It's true what they say about the 2nd trimester. You feel the best, have the most energy, and a lot of big things happen.

Rolling into the 2nd trimester, my morning sickness seemed to stop almost immediately. PRAISE THE LORD! I hate throwing up more than anything. I would rather have shots and even surgery than throw up. I actually try to stop myself anytime I can. So it was nice to be done with all that.

We got to see the babies at 12 weeks on the ultrasound and they looked like real babies and not just blobs. It was awesome. We were able to rule out Trisomy and Down's which was a great feeling.

I started being able to eat and gain weight. I didn't gain an ounce the first trimester (probably from lack of eating and getting sick a lot), so I was happy when I started gaining. I think I gained about 24 pounds in the 2nd trimester for 24 total. I am hoping to not gain more than 35 and I have roughly 10 weeks to go so we shall see.

Around 17 weeks, Lee and Luke started being able to feel the babies from outside. It is one of the greatest things feeling the babies move and being able to share it with Daddy and Big Brother.

At 18 weeks we got to find out the genders of the babies. We both went in not caring either way what we had, but Luke wanted a brother and a sister. Well he is getting what he wants, one boy and one girl. We had 4 full names (2 per gender and the boy/girl combo), so they are going to be Nathan Reid and Alexis Faith. We are thrilled to be having one of each. I think it will be a very fun combo. The babies also looked perfect and measured great (ahead even).

I got a couple more ultrasounds at 24 and 25 weeks to measure the babies and to check me out. The babies are consistently measuring bigger than the average singleton baby (roughly 1 to 1 1/2 weeks bigger). They always look great which makes me so thrilled.

We have been to the beach a couple of times and have really enjoyed our last summer as a family of 3. It's hard to believe that next summer we will be toting 2 babies and all of their gear with us. It will be awesome!

We got the nursery bedding and decorations picked out and Lee and my mom painted the nursery and set everything up. We are still in the process of finishing and when we do I will post pictures.

We had two of our showers and got to spend time with family and friends and got some great things for the babies. The first shower was a Prince/Princess theme and the 2nd was Noah's Ark. Both were great. We are so blessed to have friends and family who love us and our babies and want to bless us. God provides abundantly and never ceases to amaze me with how much He provides.

So far I am doing really great. At my last appointment they checked everything out and said my cervix is better than most singleton moms. I am not showing any signs of pre-term labor. I am praying that it doesn't change and we make it to 37 weeks (October 15th) with no problems. I appreciate your prayers. I know they are working. :)

As I enter the 3rd trimester, I am excited and nervous. I am excited that we are closing in on finally getting to meet our precious son and daughter. I am nervous about how big and uncomfortable I am potentially going to get. I am nervous about the logistics of handling 3 kids. But I know that God is in control, has me and the babies in His hands, and will be my strength when I am weak. PRAISE HIM FOR THAT! :)

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