Friday, September 10, 2010

32 Week Survey

How Far Along? 32 weeks

Maternity Clothes? Yes. Trying to make the last of my summer clothes work. I bought some bigger sized maternity jeans and long sleeve shirts but I am so hot, I am thinking I might just stick to my summer clothes for the duration (unless I bust out of them) ;)

Stretch Marks? Yes, some, but not as many or as bad as I would have thought. I am very itchy now from stretching though (at least that won't last like the stretch marks I guess).

Sleep? I am having a harder time some nights as I am stretching a lot. Getting comfy takes more time and I have to switch positions a lot so that wakes me up for a bit. I go to the bathroom every couple of hours. I am overall getting some sleep and am able to take a nap somedays. Mainly I just rest a lot during the day (put my feet up and recline).

Best Moment of the Week? Scheduling my 38 week C-Section date (October 22nd at 1:30pm). Finding out I don't have gestational diabetes. YAY!

Genders? Baby A is a boy (Nathan Reid) and Baby B is a girl (Alexis Faith). I can't wait to meet my babies.

Belly Button In or Out? Out

Cravings? Water, ice, apples, bananas, scrambled eggs, homemade chocolate chip cookies, real hearty meals.

What I Miss? Comfort. Doing my normal stuff (cleaning, laundry, cooking, playing, going places, traveling). Sleeping all night comfortably (guess that is a preparation thing).

What I Love? Growing two healthy babies. Feeling them move. Knowing I am going to meet them in no more than 6 weeks. I can't wait.

What I Am Looking Forward to This Week? My 3rd and final baby shower on Sunday with Lee's mom's family. Finishing up the decorations in the babies' room. Enjoying my pregnancy and feeling the babies move a lot. Eating, resting, and sleeping without guilt. My 32 week doctor's appointment on Monday morning.

Milestones? Making it to 32 weeks (8 months) with zero complications. I pray we make it to at least 36 weeks, but am really hoping for 38 weeks.

Feeling the Babies Move? Oh yeah. They are both head down, so I feel their feet and knees higher up and their fists and elbows lower down. I think they are boxing and kicking each other. ;)

Other Thoughts? I am just so thankful to have made it this far with no problems. God has definitely been protecting me and the babies. I just hope they stay in for 4-6 (preferably 6) more weeks and grow even bigger and healthier. I am just overwhelmed with gratefulness.

Prayer Requests? Please just continue to pray for my health and safety for the last stretch of my pregnancy. Please pray that I can make it without any complications of pre-term labor or bedrest. Please pray that the babies make it to at least 36 weeks (hopefully 38). Please pray for a safe and smooth delivery and recovery. Please pray that they babies are completely healthy. Please pray for our transition at home. Please pray that I remember to keep a good attitude no matter how uncomfortable I am getting. Thanks!

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