Monday, September 20, 2010

What Do I Need for Twins?

Well I haven't actually had the twins yet and will probably come back to this post and edit and repost it down the road once I see what we will actually use (of course each baby is different), but here is a comprehensive list of what we have gotten for the twins. May I just say that we have truly been blessed by people's generosity. We had a lot of the stuff from Luke which people so graciously gifted to us. This time when we found out it was twins the outpouring of gifts and loaning of things has been overwhelming. We are so thankful for everything we have been blessed with.

Here's the list (with my recommendations of brands/models in parentheses):


2 Infant Car Seats (Graco Snugride) - I highly recommend having the infant carriers/car seats as they click right into your car, you can carry baby (babies) in the house/other places in them (great when they fall asleep), and if you have a travel system stroller, you can just pop the carrier in there and be on your way - I know that everyone's budget is different and some opt for the convertible carseat from the beginning but I found this to be a livesaver with one and imagine it will be even more awesome with two

2 Convertible Car Seats (Britax) - These will be needed down the road (roughly 6-12 months) and can be used (depending on the weight/height limit) for a few years.

2 Booster Car Seats (Graco Turbobooster) - These will be needed down the road even further (3-4 years old) but they will be in them for a while so I recommend a quality one like the Graco.

1 Double Stroller (Graco Quattro Tour Duo) - Like I said above, I highly recommend the travel system if your budget or registry allows. It is worth it for the first 6-9 months (or longer depending on the size of your baby (babies)). The great thing about this stroller is you can snap both carseats in, it has cup holders, a place for your cell phone and/or keys, and a huge amount of underneath storage.

1 Double Jogger Stroller (Phil and Teds Double) - This is a luxury item in my opinion, but if you are a runner/jogger/walker or just want a great durable double side-by-side stroller for parks and zoo visits, this is a great thing to have.

2 Umbrella Strollers (with connectors to make into 1 side-by-side stroller) - I loved having an umbrella stroller in my trunk for those quick trips places (where I didn't need a whole lot of stuff). It was light and easy to get out and put away, plus it was small so it would fit anywhere. It will be nice to have these 2 so Lee and I can each take a baby as needed and with the connectors, I can make it a double in no time.

2 Baby Pouches (Baby Bjorn) - I never used one with Luke, but I imagine these will come in handy. We got two from a friend and I think it will be great for me and Lee to each be able to carry the babies (like maybe around the park or when we go places and don't want a huge stroller).

2 Car Mirrors - These are great so you can see the baby from the front seat.

1-2 Diaper Bags - I have 2 diaper bags (one from Luke and one I was gifted this time) and I plan to keep them both stocked. I am planning to carry one and keep one in the van as a backup. Diaper bags are a matter of preference. Some people like backpacks, some like over the shoulder. Some like designer bags, some like basic. I recommend one with lots of pockets for all of the babies and your things as well as a pad to change them on.


2 Cribs - You will definitely need 2 cribs down the road as they get bigger/more active. The biggest thing to look for is that they don't have the drop side (as they are constantly being recalled). I also like something really sturdy feeling.

2 Crib Mattresses (Simmons) - Make sure it fits perfectly into your crib. You don't want any space as that can be a hazard.

4 Mattress Protectors - I like to have 2 per crib so when I wash one I have another one to put on immediately.

6 Fitted Crib Sheets - I like to have 3 per cribs so they always have clean sheets and I don't have to worry about getting behind.

2 Crib Bumpers - Yes, I know there is controversy over bumpers, but we used them with Luke and never had a problem. If you don't feel right using it, don't. Luke loved to cuddle with his as he got older.

2 Crib Skirts - Not a necessity, but they sure are cute.

2 Sleep Positioners - I loved this with Luke as he had some gas and it would help if he didn't lay flat back.

Armoire - Again, not a necessity, but they look great and hold a lot of stuff. You could always hang the clothes in a closet and get a small dresser.

Changing Table - It is great to find one with lots of drawers or space underneath for your diapers and wipes. I also put extra sheets, blankets, burp clothes, and bibs in mine.

Changing Table Pad - Makes a comfy place to change baby. Make sure you get one with the "belt" so you can keep the baby safe.

3 Changing Table Pad Covers - Again, like the sheets, I like to have 3 so I don't get behind on laundry and they have a clean cover for the changing table pad. I prefer the nice soft ones as they are naked on there a lot.

Diaper Pails (Diaper Champ) - I love the Diaper Champ. You use your own trash bags versus having to get refills made specifically for it. I prefer to have one per floor so you don't have to carry dirty diapers all over the house. Of course some people just use their trash can which would work as well. I just love this product.

Glider - I love having a glider to rock/glide the babies in. It is so relaxing. I prefer to have one with an ottoman because I can put my feet up and get really comfy.

Co-Sleeper (Arm's Reach) - This goes right by the bed and the babies can sleep in it. If you get The Original you can fit a baby (or babies) in it until the max weight of 30 pounds. That is what we got for twins. When we had just one, we used a bassinet next to the bed.

3 Co-Sleeper Sheets (Arm's Reach) - Again, I don't like to get behind on laundry and not have a sheet so I like to have extras.

2 Pack n Plays (Graco) - I love the one with the bassinet and changing table feature. You can set it up and use it as a crib and have your changing table right there. I like to set them up in spaces like the den or bonus room. As they get older, they are great for traveling.

4 Pack n Play Sheets (Graco) - Again, you can't go wrong with extra sheets.

Diaper Organizers - These are little boxes that you put diapers, wipes, and maybe extra clothes in and put around the house where you hang out a lot.

Other Decorative Nursery Stuff - Lamps, mobiles, valences, wall decorations.

Blankets - I love baby blankets for wrapping them, putting over them when you are out, and for putting on the floor to play on. Of course you can register for these, but in my experience a few people will always give you them as they are so sweet.

8 Receiving Blankets (per baby) - These are great for swaddling the babies early on, for putting over the babies when you go out, and for putting on the floor for them to play. They are thinner than other blankets and are just so great.


1-2 Swings (Fisher Price/Graco) - Some babies love swings, some don't. I like the small travel style since they don't take up much space, are easy to store, and can be carried places.

1-2 Bouncy Seats (Fisher Price) - Some babies love bouncy seats, some don't. These are great to put the babies in when you need a break. You can also feed them a bottle in it.

1-2 Bumbos (Bumbo) - I never used these with Luke but my sister swears by them. Once babies can hold their heads up, you can put them in these. They have trays as well so the babies can have a snack in them. Some people use them like highchairs and feed the babies in them. I'll let you know how I like them.

1-2 Bumbo Play Trays (Bumbo) - Like I said above, these click onto the Bumbo so you can feed them.

1-2 Exersaucers - Luke loved this. I would have to make him get out of it. He would have stayed in it all day. They are great for play and interaction.

2 Boppys (Boppy) - I loved this item. It was great for nursing a single baby. I also could lay Luke on it and he could look around.

4 Boppy Covers (Boppy) - Again, when I wash one, I have another one to put on. Keeps the Boppy clean.

1-2 Playmats - These things are fun for the babies to lay/play on.

Toys and Books


10 Onesies (per baby) (all sizes) - You don't need to register for clothes. You always get clothes. Consignment sales are great because they have tons of barely used clothes for dollars.

4-6 Sleepers (per baby) - Don't register for sleepers either.

4-6 Shirts (per baby) - Don't register for shirts.

2 Swaddles (per baby) (Swaddle Me) - Luke loved to be swaddled. I loved the Swaddle Me because they had velcro and that kept the baby tightly swaddled.

4-6 Sleep Gowns/Sacks - These are great for nighttime because you can change the baby without undoing clothes. Don't register for sleep gowns/sacks.

10-12 Outfits (per baby) (all sizes) - Don't register for outfits.



Tons of Diapers (all sizes)

Tons of Wipes

Diaper Rash Cream


Twin Nursing Pillow (EZ2 Nurse)
- From what I've heard, if you plan to nurse twins, you must have this. I used a Boppy with Luke, but I think this looks great. If you don't plan to nurse, you don't need this obviously. I'll let you know how it goes.

Breastpump (Medela Pump in Style) - Even if you plan to exclusively nurse, you might have times you need to pump. I had to pump one side and feed Luke on one side because I had so much milk. If you exclusively pump, you definitely need a great pump. Obviously if you formula feed only, you don't need a pump.

Breast Milk Collection Bottles (Medela) - You want to have an amount that keeps up with your pumping frequency. I'd have a few on hand and if you find you need more, you can always get more.

Breast Milk Storage Bags - Again, you want to have an amount that keeps up with your pumping frequency. I'd have a few boxes on hand. If you need more, you can always get more.

Nursing Bras

Nursing Pads

Nipple Cream

2 High Chairs (Fisher Price) - I used a regular high chair with Luke, but this time with the twins, we have both the tall ones as well as the ones you put in the chair. We hope this will save space. If we need the tall ones (like if we have people over), we can pull them out.

2 Booster Seats - Down the road, if you have the tall high chairs, you will need these.

2 Great Wipeable Bibs (per baby) - I loathe the fabric ones for feeding. I like the waterproof, wipeable ones with the food catchers.

Bottles/Nipples - I have used all brands. I was happy with all of them, but loved the Playtex Ventaire the best. I would have at least a day's worth so you can handwash or just lad them in the dishwasher once a day.

Sippy Cups - You will need these down the road. I like all brands as long as they don't leak. I would have a day's supply.

1-2 Bottle Organizers - I personally like to handwash and put the bottles on a drying rack (aka bottle organizer) because they tend to dry better.

Bottle Brush - Great for getting the grossness off the bottles. I found washing them as I used them didn't require scrubbing. I would just put a little dishsoap and shoot hot water in them.

1-2 Dishwasher Baskets - If you load the dishwasher with bottles/nipples, you must have this. You can put the nipples in the top and the smaller bottle parts in the basket. These are great when you have sippy cups down the road as well.


1-2 Baby Bathtubs - We have two because we are planning to do "kid bathtime" and let Luke take a bath while each of us bathes a baby.

7 Washclothes (per baby) - I like to have a good supply so I don't have to do laundry as much. Plus you might need them for cleanup or boo boos.

3 Hooded Towels (per baby) - I love the hooded ones because they keep baby's head warm and dry.

Soaps/Lotions (Johnson & Johnson)


Pacifiers - We didn't use these with Luke. Some people use them, some don't. It is good to have some just in case. If you find they like them, you might need more.

Pacifier Attachers - Again, we didn't use these, but I think if you give your kids a pacifier, they need the attacher (especially when you go out) so they don't lose them.


Infant Tylenol/Motrin

Mylicon - This was a lifesaver for gas. Have this on hand from day one.



Vaseline/Antibiotic Ointment/Alcohol Wipes/Alcohol

Cotton Swabs/Cotton Balls

Nail Clippers/Tweezers/Scissors

Nasal Aspirators

Medicine Spoon/Dropper



  1. I love my Bumbo! Lucas could sit in it and put toys on the tray. Now we use it when we travel like a highchair cause it's small enough to pack!! Great list!!!

  2. Good to know, Heather. I hope they like them. Great idea about traveling with them. We figured they would be helpful when we go to the beach since there is limited seating. :)