Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Our 2nd Trip to Labor and Delivery

Well today the contractions started back up. I had a few throughout the day, but around 3:00pm, I started having them every 5-10 minutes along with some cramping and light back pain. I let them go on for a couple of hours and then decided to call my doctor. I felt like an annoyance having to call when I was just in L&D a few days ago, but she said, "You never know if you are starting to thin out or dialate so you have to come in."

I had Luke pack a bag just in case, called Lee to meet me, and called Lee's mom to come get Luke. We got to the hospital and I was admitted. My mother-in-law showed up just in time. The nurse checked my cervix - long, thick, closed, and the babies aren't in my pelvis yet. YAY! They decided since I had had 15+ glasses of water that I didn't need IV fluids. I just had to drink a pitcher of water so I could get the contraction stopping medicine. I got it and they tracked the babies and my contractions for a few hours. They slowed down and eventually stopped. I had an irritable uterus still (of course it is iritated - it's trying to carry two big babies).

My doctor said that I am probably fine, minus the annoying contractions and the irritable uterus. She put me on Procardia (a contraction reducing medicine) for the next 4 weeks (until I hit 37 weeks). After that it won't matter if I go into labor, even though I am hoping to make it to my 38 week c-section. I am also supposed to make sure I keep my fluid intake high (12 or more glasses of water each day) and rest as much as possible. I don't have to be on any form of bedrest. HALLELUJAH! I just have to listen to my body and make sure I do what I think it needs (drink more, rest more, lay down). If I do get hard contractions or they have a pattern, I am supposed to call because my body could still override the medicine.

I am praying that this medicine helps so that I don't have pre-term labor and I can be as comfortable as possible the last few weeks. I truly want the babies to stay in until 38 weeks. I know that God is in control and He will be there no matter what happens. I greatly appreciate the continued prayers. :)

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  1. Praying you are able to hold out. Baby baking vibes being sent your way.