Sunday, September 26, 2010

Gift Bags for Luke

I really want to make the babies' arrival exciting and fun for Luke, but most importantly don't want him to feel left out or forgotten. I decided to make gift bags for Luke for each day we are in the hospital when the babies are born. I think it is a two-fold plan: 1) he has a special bag of treats when he comes and 2) he has stuff to keep him occupied and snacks to keep his belly full.

I put 2 juice boxes, a baggie of cheez-its, a baggie of goldfish, a baggie of pretzels, a baggie of cereal, a fruit snack, a baggie of M&Ms, and a baggie of Reese cups in each bag.

I also wanted to add some toys to the bags to keep him occupied and give him something fun to enjoy. We got a few coloring books, packs of crayons, an Elmo stamp, a couple of animal figurines, a new CARS car, and a Viking hat and weapon. I also pre-ordered a Veggie Tales movie and got a couple for free, so when they come in, I'll be adding those.

Here are the bags:

Like I said, each bag has the same snacks.
Bag #1 has the Viking dress up stuff.
Bag #2 has a coloring book, crayons, and animal figurine.
Bag #3 has a coloring/sticker book, crayons, an Elmo stamp, and animal figurine.
Bag #4 has a coloring book, crayons, and the CARS car.
I'll probably put the movies in Bags #2 and #3 since he will be there the longest those days.

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