Thursday, September 23, 2010

Contractions = Another Trip to the OB

Well after 2 trips to L&D last week and getting a prescription for Procardia and my contractions calming down for a few days, they started back up last night. I had them about every 5 minutes until I went to bed. They were annoying and hurt a bit, but I figured I would ride it out and go to bed (I did not want to have to wake Luke and go to L&D all night). I felt them somewhat through the night, but managed to sleep.

Well as soon as I woke up today and got ready, they started back up. I had them all day today at least every 15 minutes and at times every 5 minutes. I decided to call the OB before they closed so I wouldn't end up in L&D. Of course she wanted me to come right in. She listened to the babies (they were great). She poked me and said Alexis is head down (way down) and Nathan is feet down. There is a lot going on down there ;).

She checked my cervix and I was closed and thick. YAY! No signs of pre-term labor. YAY! We are really hoping I can make it full-term (hopefully even 38 weeks), but even if they come now they will be fine (minus a little NICU time possibly). She decided to up my dosage of Procardia to double what I am on now (as long as I don't get too dizzy/sick from it). I am to take my Procardia, hydrate, eat small meals (I haven't been able to eat much lately), and rest (not bedrest). I think I can handle that.

I am just praying to make it full-term (38 weeks would be awesome). I can handle any ache, pain, annoyance, etc that I have to. I just want two healthy, hearty babies. I know the longer they stay in the better. Please continue to keep us in your prayers. We greatly appreciate it!

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