Saturday, September 11, 2010

Our 1st Trip to Labor & Delivery

Last night I woke up throughout the night with a pain in my lower right side. It didn't feel good but I didn't think a lot about it until it continued today and came with some strong contractions. Not knowing what it was but knowing whatever it was wasn't right, I called the paging system. My doctor called me back and said she wanted me to get to Labor and Delivery ASAP. We quickly packed Luke a backpack of entertainment and snacks and were on our way expecting at most to be there a couple of hours.

I got there and it really freaked me out that they basically admitted me like I was in labor. Being that I am only 32 weeks I seriously hoped and prayed that I wasn't. They took me into a real L&D room which brought back a lot of memories from when Luke was born. It was surreal. Luckily they had comfy chairs and a TV with cable so Lee and Luke were occupied.

The doctor wanted me and the babies to be monitored for contractions and to watch their heartbeats. She also wanted me to have a catheter urine check for infection. She did the catheter check which I have to say was probably one of the most painful things I've ever had done (including a 26 hour labor and C-section with Luke, multiple surgeries for my cleft palate/lip, 2 jaw breaking and re-structuring surgeries, and 2 rhinoplasties).

Then they hooked me up to monitors. Since there are two wildly active babies in there, they had a rough time keeping up with both of their heartbeats and my contractions for a consistent period of time. It took a long time. That turned out to be a good thing because my contractions weren't showing up much, but once they just checked the contractions and had me drink a couple of pitchers of water (they thought I was just dehydrated), my contractions were showing up as every 3-4 minutes.

With that the doctor decided to give me some medicine to slow/stop the contractions. She also ordered an IV of fluids and had me keep up the pitchers of water. She also decided to check my cervix and run a test to see if pre-term labor was coming in the next 14 days. The test and cervix check were not so much fun, but it was worth it to find out what we needed to know. My cervix was still closed, thick, and long (YAY!).

She had me monitored for a couple more hours while the drugs and fluids were going through me and we waited for the test. The contractions slowed down and decreased in intensity (which is what she wanted to happen). The test came back negative (YAY!) All of that meant that I could go home tonight. She said that most likely I did get dehydrated so she ordered me to drink, drink, drink (which I do a lot) and that I couldn't overdrink. She said that of course the contractions could come back since my body thinks I am overterm and if they do, I am to call and more than likely come in. She also put me on modified bedrest (bathroom, kitchen, shower, food only) for Sunday and until I come into the office on Monday. On Monday they will check everything out and let me know my marching orders from then on.

So I am at home, resting, drinking, and letting Lee wait on me (not a bad arrangement). I am hoping and praying that I don't have to make another visit to the hospital until I am 38 weeks and coming in for my scheduled C-section. It was a rather overwhelming ordeal today but I knew that God has His hands on me and the babies and that everyone has been praying for us, so I knew it would all be okay no matter what. I will just be resting, relaxing, and drinking until time for the babies (hopefully 38 weeks). Please continue to keep us in your prayers. We greatly appreciate it!

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