Monday, May 31, 2010

17 Week Check-Up & Ultrasound Scheduled

Before we left for the beach for Memorial Day weekend, we had a 17 week check-up. It was great. I gained about 4 pounds since my 12 week check-up (4 pounds total for my pregnancy so far) and my blood pressure was great. They took my fundal measurement (which is based on a single pregnancy) and I was measuring 25 weeks (8 weeks ahead of where I am). Yes I am going to be huge. We didn't get an ultrasound, but we did get to hear their heartbeats. Baby A's heartbeat was 150 and Baby B's heartbeat was 140. The reason we didn't get an ultrasound is because the doctor wants us to see the specialist again. We are going this Friday (18 weeks) at 4:00. I can't wait to find out how big they are, that everything is normal, and what their genders are. I have no clue but I guess I am going with my original prediction of 2 girls, even though I have thought all combos and even dreamt all combos.

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