Sunday, May 2, 2010

Eating for Three

So coming into this pregnancy, I was overweight (the most overweight I have been non-pregnant or right off of pregnancy). I did attempt to lose weight while I was waiting to get pregnant again after the miscarriage in November. It was difficult to try to workout at home, eat right, and find motivation knowing I would be pregnant (God-willing) in a couple of months.

I managed to lose a few pounds, but as soon as I found out I was pregnant and the symptoms started, I ceased working out and ate whatever worked for the moment. One meal might be normal and one would be just a small apple or something. It was sporadic at best. Most days I was nauseous and some days vomitting so I didn't know how the weight would go. I managed to not gain a pound in the first trimester. I didn't know whether this was good or bad since I am carrying twins and know they need more than a singleton pregnancy would need.

After a lot of research and talking with one of the doctors in my OB practice, I have found very differing opinions. OB doctor said no more than 15 pounds the rest of the pregnancy. A highly accredited doctor's book said 25-42 pounds based on my BMI. So there's the window 15-42. Not much of a difference, right? Talk about confusing. My theory is to err on the side of gaining more if it will help the babies.

The funny thing I have noticed so far (besides gaining no weight) is that my body craves healthy food for the most part. I can only drink water and a small amount of juice. I crave all fruits, especially apples and bananas. I love smoothies made with OJ, greek yogurt, and fruit. I went through a baby carrots and light ranch phase which has passed for now. I like salad more now than I ever have. I eat them when we go out to eat more than I used to. I would rather have grilled chicken than fried chicken. I would rather have the good stuff than the bad stuff. Of course I do like some bad stuff like chips and fries.

My method is to 1) stay really hydrated so that I don't mistake thirst for hunger, 2) to eat when I am hungry and stop when I am full (imagine that?), 3) to go for healthy stuff mainly, 4) to have really healthy snacks (fruit, string cheese, yogurt, smoothies), 5) to allow myself "junky" stuff once in a while (everything in moderation of course), and 6) to just not worry too much about the weight (if I gain, I gain). So far it is going really well, in fact, this might be the best learning experience about food/weight I have learned in 10+ years of dieting. Hopefully I can take these things into my post-partum life when I need to lose weight again.

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