Tuesday, May 11, 2010

One of the Greatest Sensations in the World

Pregnancy is full of so many things, some fun and some not-so-fun (does the term "morning sickness" come to mind)? For me, aside from seeing the babies on the ultrasounds and hearing their heartbeats, feeling them move is one of the most fun and amazing things. With Luke I started feeling the butterfly flutters at 14 weeks and it progressed from there. This time, because it is my 2nd pregnancy and I am having twins, I felt the butterfly flutters a few weeks ago and it has slowly progressed. Now I am feeling them move a few times a day.

Last night when Lee and I were in bed, I laid on my back and he put his hand on my tummy where Baby B was and I was feeling so much movement. Unfortunately it is too early for Lee to feel it, but it was neat having his hand on my belly and feeling Baby B. I feel them at different times. I seem to feel one more one time and then the other at a different time. I am looking forward to feeling them both at the same time. I think that would be neat.

I know they are in there, healthy and active, and that makes me feel really good. I can't wait for Lee and Luke to be able to feel them moving. I think it will be neat to see Luke's reaction. He loves his babies so much already.

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