Monday, April 26, 2010

12 Week Doctor's Appointment and Bonus Ultrasound

Today I went to my regular OB for a 12 week check-up. I figured I would just get the usual things done - weight, blood pressure, urine check, and a doppler heartbeat check. I got lucky and the doctor wanted to do an ultrasound to really make sure she saw both hearts beating and could tell their heartbeats were strong.

So I got to see our precious babies again. YAY! They looked just as cute as they did on Friday. Today they were turned the other way. We saw Baby B moving around a lot. We saw B's heart just a flickering. She said it was very strong. Baby A looked like it was sleeping. Baby B "kicked" Baby A and A started moving around like crazy. We saw A's heart flickering as strong as Baby B's. B's looked really strong also.

I didn't change weight by a single ounce which the doctor said is fine since the babies look good and I started out overweight. We discussed weight gain and she recommended about 0.6 pounds a week until the end. She said the main thing is to eat healthy when I am hungry. That is my focus. I am going to watch the scale but I am going to eat when hungry and aim to eat a lot of good healthy things - fruits, veggies, dairy, protein, whole grains, and water. I don't want to gain more than necessary but want the babies to get everything they need.

She said to come back in 4 weeks for another check-up. I don't know if they will do another ultrasound then as I will be 17 weeks and we did one with Luke at 18 weeks and found out his gender. They sent me to a specialist last time since I had a cleft to have more detailed ultrasounds done. I am pretty sure they will do that again, but I wouldn't mind finding out a little early what the genders are.

I am so happy that I am doing great and the babies are doing great. God is awesome and our prayers are being answered.


  1. I'll eat potato chips, pie and hot dogs for you. You can eat veggies and fruit for me. Deal?

  2. Sounds good. ;) I am sure I will have a good amount of treats along the way, but my goal is to eat a lot of good stuff. I have been hungry all day. So far I had a smoothie, an apple, a grilled ham and cheese sandwich, pear, and yogurt, and feel like I could still eat. ;)