Monday, April 12, 2010

Things I Get Really Tired of Hearing (Already)

Okay maybe it's the hormones or a strong wondering of "why do people say the things they say?" but lately some comments people say have just gotten on my last nerve. Since this is a blog all about growing our family and everything that we are going through (good or bad) during this pregnancy, I thought I would share with my readers.

#1 - "You mean you might want more kids after the twins?" or "I guess this means you guys are done?"
I can't stand this question. Lee and I have surrendered our family growth decisions to the Lord. He is guiding our lives especially in this area. Now this doesn't mean we are just going to do things that make babies and see if God gives us kids because I can tell you the answer would probably be, "Yes, and every year," as we get pregnant really easily. We mean that we are praying over it and letting Him show us if He believes we should have more kids. It doesn't mean a specific number or stopping point. Even with the twins on the way, we are not closing that door. If God tells us to "be fruitful and multiply" again after the twins then we will. If He shows us that we are done, then we will be done. I am not letting popular opinion dictate our family.

#2 - "You mean you are going to still try to homeschool Luke?" (not said in a positive way)
Again, I can't stand this question. The Lord put homeschooling on my heart before I even knew I was pregnant with Luke and after 5+ years of praying, we decided that homeschooling was the right thing for Luke and most likely for our future children. The reasons are very strong and the calling of the Lord is all that really matters to me. I do know there are things that might be more challenging with having two almost one-year-olds, but I don't see why we should just get out of God's calling and forget all the reasons we have for homeschooling.

#3 - "You got lucky with Luke. There is no way you can schedule the twins like you did Luke."
First of all, Luke was a great baby, but we worked very hard to get him on a schedule. I haven't really met anyone who just "got lucky" with their kids. Babies require a lot of guidance to be on a schedule. We are planning to do everything we did with Luke and have already talked to moms of multiples who followed the same book (BabyWise) with singletons and twins and had great success. We know it might not go as well as it did with Luke as we will have two individuals with potentially different needs, but we are going to try our hardest to schedule the babies to fit in with our family's schedule. We plan to be able to live our lives still.

There are probably more, but these are the three that drive me the craziest right now. I apologize if this post sounds rude, but I get tired of people's rude comments/questions and this is a blog where I share it all, good or bad. This just happens to be the bad.


  1. i feel your pain. i got (and get) so many stares and inappropriate comments about my family's size.

    "you sure have your hands full!" {not spoken in a sweet tone} is the one I hear the most.

  2. I guess my biggest problem is that I don't go around saying anything to people about the size of their family or the spacing of their children or their life choices. I don't understand why so many people are quick to judge and worse, say things out loud to me. Sarah you have a beautiful family and you guys are some of the most amazing Christian parents I have ever had the privilege of knowing. You are so generous with your kind thoughts and ideas. I am so thankful to have you to talk to through this journey. I know I shouldn't let what people say bother me, but it gets old and annoying. Sometimes I have to vent. ;)

  3. vent's your blog...:)

    brace yourself b/c it will keep on coming...

    we went to the Farmer's Market and I could not go 10 steps without someone stopping me to look at the twins, *ohh, ahh, are they twins? are they both boys?* (one pink, one blue) and then noticing that we had 3 other children, *gasp*!