Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Specific Prayer Requests

As most of my friends and blog readers know, I am a big believer in the power of prayer. "The prayer of a righteous man (woman) availeth much" - James 5:16. I have held fast to that promise for the past few months. I have been so blessed to have so many people praying for our family. I appreciate the prayers more than you know. I just wanted to do a post on specific prayer requests that I am constantly praying over this pregnancy, delivery, and life after babies so that you can partner with me if you would like to.

Specific Prayer Requests:

Healthy, Safe Pregnancy - As with any pregnancy there are certain risks, but with a multiple pregnancy, they are a bit higher. Please just pray that the babies and I will remain healthy and safe during this pregnancy. Pray for normal blood pressure and blood sugar for me. Pray that the babies develop properly and grow every minute they are in there.

No Anxiety for Me - At first the anxiety was very strong, but through prayer, it has ceased. I know that at any moment fear, worry, and doubt can creep in. Plese pray that those thoughts won't come in my mind and if they do that I would immediately pray and feel God's peace that passes understanding in my mind and heart.

No Physcial Defects for the Babies - I have a cleft palate and lip and I pray each pregnancy that my children will not have it. It's not that we can't handle it with God's help, but I just want my babies to have the best, healthiest lives possible.

No Bed Rest - We are praying that I will not have to be on bed rest (especially full bed rest) as that could potentially be difficult for our family. Please pray that I will not be on it, and if I have to be that the logistics work and our family will still run smoothly.

37 Week (or longer) Gestation - Multiple pregnancies are always early (don't usually go past 38 weeks). The goal now is 37 weeks. Since I couldn't have Luke without a c-section (didn't even dialate until I had all the pitocin they could give me in 26 hours), I am praying that I don't have pre-term labor with the twins. Our goal date is October 15th. We are planning to schedule a c-section in the 37th week (hopefully even longer). Please pray that if they do come early, that they will be healthy and safe and that we can deal with possibly having them in the NICU.

Safe Delivery - Please pray that the delivery will go as safely and easily as possible. Having a planned c-section should make things a lot easier and safer this time. Like I mentioned before we are praying for a schedule c-section after 37 weeks, but please pray that if I go in labor earlier or they have to stop labor, that we will be able to deal with it.

Healthy Babies - Please pray that the babies will be completely healthy when they are born - no lung issues, no birth issues, no things that can happen in general (jaundice). Luke was perfect and we are praying the babies will be also.

That the Babies Get to Come Home with Us When We Come Home - We are praying that the babies will be born at term and be healthy enough to come home without having to stay in the NICU. Please pray that if for some reason they don't that we can handle the emotional and physical issues that come with being apart.

That the Babies Will Be Able to Nurse with Little to No Problems - We are praying to nurse the babies pretty much exclusively. With Luke he and I did it with very little challenges (even the first few times). I pray that I will be patient and calm and that the babies will be great nursers early on so that we can nurse them and they can grow really well. Please pray that if for some reason I do have to use formula that I won't have guilt as new moms tend to feel bad if they can't do everything "just right".

That Without Sleep, We Will All Still Be Kind, Loving, and Patient - I know that at first sleep will be sparse and spread out, so please pray for strength, patience, kind words, and loving hearts when we are sleep deprived.

That the Babies Will Sleep Well Early On - Luke slept through the night (8 hours straight) at 8 weeks and by 12 weeks was sleeping 12 hours straight. Please pray that the babies are able to do this ASAP so that we can enjoy our lives with them and in general even more ASAP.

That Luke Will Adjust to Being a Brother/Not An Only Child Anymore - I know Luke is excited, but I am sure that he will have a few issues with not being the only child and having 2 babies that demand mommy and daddy's attention all the time. Please pray that he will adjust well, that we will find patches of time to spend with just him, and that he will be as helpful as he says he will be.

That Our Home Will Still Run Smoothly - Please pray that we are still able to keep up with housework, laundry, and meals. I know it won't be perfect, but pray that we can at least keep the house manageable.

I know that I am very specific and a lot of my requests sound like they are to make my life easier (and some of them are), but I also know that God knows greater what we need than we do. Please pray God's will for our family, the twins, and our lives. If anything I have requested is out of His perfect will for our life, I pray that the Holy Spirit will intercede and that God will do whatever needs to be done to glorify Him and keep us dependent on Him everyday. Please pray that we remember in everything, even the bad stuff, to glorify God and be completely dependent on Him for our every need.

To Him be all the glory, honor, and praise for this immense blessing in our lives. We are amazed by His greatness everyday. He loves us sooooooo much.

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