Sunday, April 11, 2010

Final Four Baby Names

Well, coming into this pregnancy, we had already looked into baby names and had a couple of great girls' names and one halfway done boy name. Once we figured out it was twins, we had to come up with four (2 of each) great baby names. It definitely made it more challenging.

We had to consider what 2 girls' names would go together yet stand on their own (same for 2 boys), what would be good brother/sister combos, how to keep them from sounding too cheesy, and we took the usual things (popularity, meaning) into consideration.

Well, after much thinking and praying, we have our final four baby names.

Alexis Faith (means "defender" "faith")
Anna Grace (means "grace" "grace")

Nathan Elijah (means "he God has given" "my God is Lord")
Ben Alexander (means "son" "defender")

Alexis Faith
Nathan Elijah

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