Saturday, April 3, 2010

Twins Twins Everywhere

So in the 9 days since we found out we are having twins, I swear I see or hear about twins everywhere. Today at Bojangles Luke was talking to a little boy and his mom said he had a twin sister. Last night at Red Robin we saw a set of twins and at Kohls we saw another set of twins. We were reading one of Luke's books and he requested the story about Bill and Ben (twins). I met a lady at the park the day we found out that had a set of 5 year old twin girls. It's so weird.

I equate it to buying a new car and then seeing the same car everywhere you go. They were always there, you just didn't notice.

It's just really funny that we are seeing twins everywhere. I wonder when we have our "baby twins" (that's what Luke calls them) will people notice us. It would be nice to not be overly noticed, but I have already been warned by my friend who has twins and every book I have read that twins are "ooooed and aaaahed" over and you get a million questions. I guess I better prepare myself ;)

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